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Desde phone english queremos presentarte nuestro nuevo blog.

Aquí, podrás consultar todas las dudas que tengas a cerca del funcionamiento de nuestra página web. Además, incluimos categorías para que, como complemento a tus clases de inglés por teléfono o Skype, continúes aprendiendo inglés con nosotros.

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Grown up and living at home







B1 – Intermediate

The number of grown up individuals who are living at home is continually increasing in different countries in the world. This article talks about the underlying reasons regarding the issue. Some advantages and disadvantages are also discussed by different individuals from different countries.

Grown up and living at home

Click the title for audio clip: Grown up: Audio Clip

Click the title for the transcript: Grown up: Transcript/Text


1. Is living at home a good or bad point in your own perspective?
2. Do people in your place share the same issue (grown up and living at home) with people from other parts of the world?
3. What do you think parents and children should do to address this issue?



Spanish Spending Habits


B2 – Upper intermediate

Because of the financial crisis that hit most of the countries in the world, how are Spanish people coping up with this phenomenon?

Spanish Have Changed their Shopping Habits

Words to Define:
1. Crisis (noun) [krahy-sis]
2. Phenomenon (noun) [fi-nom-uh-non, -nuh n]


1. What is your idea of the Spanish spending habits?
2. What is your spending habit like?


Time Management to Improve Health and Productivity

B2 – Upper intermediate

Keeping up in today’s fast-paced world can be a daunting task to many. Take control of your life by enhancing your time management skills. Learn valuable tips from an expert through this article.

3 Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Health and Productivity


1. Describe your time management skills at work and at home.
2. How do you deal with distractions?
3. Share your own approach in getting things done.


Dropping Birthrates in South Korea


B1 – Intermediate

South Korea is now facing problems related to low birthrate. Find out the reasons and consequences for their dropping birthrates.

Low Birthrate Threatens South Korea’s Survival


1. Is this also a problem in Spain?
2. What do you think governments can do to solve or prevent this problem from happening?

Think Yourself Rich!


 C1 – Advanced

In 1937, the book “Think and Grow Rich” was a big hit. Everybody wanted to be rich and the book gave tips on how to be so. Could it still be practical today? Read the article and express your thoughts about it.

Be ready to explain the different idiomatic expressions used in the article. Feel free to listen to the audio clip as well.

Think Yourself Rich! Or Try Saving


1. What does the expression “Money is the root of all evil” mean?
2. How would you explain the phrase “Money makes the world go round”?
3. Do you consider yourself thrifty or a spendthrift?
4. What are the ways in which we can save money?



Stay Healthy by Eating Raw Chocolate


B1 – Intermediate

Health experts believe that sugar in chocolates is unhealthy. However, doctors say that there are also some benefits to eating chocolates. This VOA news clip discusses the good effects of chocolates to your body.

Raw Chocolate Is Better For Your Health


1. What are the good and bad effects of eating chocolates?
2. Do you think eating chocolate is good for your health?
3. Do you enjoy eating chocolates? If yes, what kinds of chocolate do you prefer?


Video: Young Kids as Coders

C1 – Advanced

Meet Max, a ten year old boy, whose interest is, probably, far different from most kids his age. Watch as he talks about why he thinks it’s important for young kids to be taught how to write codes.

Ten-year-old computer programmer backs school change


1. What can you say about Max?
2. Do you agree with what he said?
3. Do you think it would be good to teach Spanish children to code computer programs too?

Gaming Technology in Surgical Training


C2 – Proficient

Following Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR – a next generation virtual reality technology – gaming enthusiasts are expressing hostility towards it. Discover how gaming technology could be used in surgical training and find out why the gaming industry is being antagonistic about it.

Feel free to watch the videos included in the article.

Can surgeons be trained using gaming technology?


1. What are your thoughts about this news?
2. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using such technology?
3. What other technologies has drastically helped the medical industry?

Shoppers in Venezuela to be Fingerprinted

B1 – Intermediate

Venezuelans are experiencing food shortages in their country. The government came up a with a solution and decided to have shoppers scan their fingerprints to monitor the groceries they purchase. Venezuelans think this is illegal and that it will take their privacy away from  them.

Read the article and express your thoughts about it.

Shoppers in Venezuela to be fingerprinted 


1. Do you think that fingerprint scanning is the solution to the food shortage that they are experiencing?
2. In your opinion what is the best solution to this problem?
3. Have you experienced food shortage in your country?