Shoppers in Venezuela to be Fingerprinted

B1 – Intermediate

Venezuelans are experiencing food shortages in their country. The government came up a with a solution and decided to have shoppers scan their fingerprints to monitor the groceries they purchase. Venezuelans think this is illegal and that it will take their privacy away from  them.

Read the article and express your thoughts about it.

Shoppers in Venezuela to be fingerprinted 


1. Do you think that fingerprint scanning is the solution to the food shortage that they are experiencing?
2. In your opinion what is the best solution to this problem?
3. Have you experienced food shortage in your country?

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One thought on “Shoppers in Venezuela to be Fingerprinted

  1. Karen Ghazal

    1 – In my opinion, fingerprint scanning will not solve the food shortage problem because of the main responsible for the food shortage is the Government that applies its export/import policies. This country is not self-sufficient to produce all the goods needed then, they must be imported.
    Exporting countries don’t want to export to Venezuela because of the internal crisis and high delinquency rate for defaults. While this situation continues, the food shortage won’t be solved.

    2 – The best solution for this problem should be call to vote the entire country and, the new Government (that should be more democratic), should begin to open the country to the importation/exportation, make plans to dinamize the economy, opens the market to new manufactures and industries.

    3 – No, in my current country I never suffered food shortage but, when I was living in Brasil, I have had a similar experience when Fernando Collor (an ex-president of the Government) has frozen the salaries and confiscated the savings.


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