Spanish Spending Habits


B2 – Upper intermediate

Because of the financial crisis that hit most of the countries in the world, how are Spanish people coping up with this phenomenon?

Spanish Have Changed their Shopping Habits

Words to Define:
1. Crisis (noun) [krahy-sis]
2. Phenomenon (noun) [fi-nom-uh-non, -nuh n]


1. What is your idea of the Spanish spending habits?
2. What is your spending habit like?


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One thought on “Spanish Spending Habits

  1. Alejandro

    I agree with the Nielsen study about that Spanish people decreased their household expenses and I think that now they still do it. Many people have serious problems to have some money at the end of the month and they can’t save money for pension plans or investments. They live day by day, trying to eat, get or maintain their jobs, take care their children and be happy.

    On another hand, in my environment, I see people prefer go out to the bar to drink something before going on holidays and do entertainment activities before buy clothes, for example. Spanish people are very pessimist because of about all politicians and banks are not honest and reliable.

    But not everything is bad. Now people is more responsible about their money and their family. They try to have more savings for the future and apply cost-cutting measures to live better. Besides, families are more united and talk more each others.

    I am normally saver. I don’t like spending money in things that I don’t need really. I always prefer have some savings just in case. You don’t know what the future wishes for you. I don’t go out with my friends everyday or buy many clothes. Therefore the actual crisis hasn’t changed my spending habits a lot. I have some whims but they are cheap like, for example, eating a sundae in the McDonalds sometimes when I am sad or tired.


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