Thousands Wake Up During Surgery

B1 – Intermediate

A report in England states that thousands of patients a year wake up during an
operation. One doctor said it happens one in every 19,000 operations. They are now trying to find areas that could be improved during an operation to prevent this from happening.

Thousands wake up during surgery 


1. Do you think the case of waking up during a surgery is considered carelessness on the doctor’s side?
2. Do you know someone who experienced the same incident?
3. Have you undergone a surgery in the past?
4. Would you say that doctors in your country have very high standards?



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One thought on “Thousands Wake Up During Surgery

  1. Guillermo1952

    I´m a doctor and I think waking up in a surgery is an extremely phenomenom, if it happens is a serious mistake of the anaesthesiologist, but even with a bad doctor would be almost impossible because the patient durig the surgery is monitorized with many warning sings. This article come from the tabloid press.

    On the other hand the anestesia imply a risk and nowdays the anesthesia is not as deep as it had been two decades ago.


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