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En los últimos años especialmente, se ha extendido por toda España la celebración de Halloween y ha pasado a una celebración que se veía sólo en las películas a eclipsar prácticamente el Día de todos los Santos al que precede, pero ¿qué es realmente Halloween?

Pronunciación de Halloween

La palabra en inglés procede de la contracción de All Hallows’ Eve, que como ya todos sabréis porque estudiáis mucho inglés con phone english, significa Víspera de Todos los Santos.

Cuando se hace referencia en castellano normalmente se pronuncia jálowin y así lo hace desde Matías Prats hasta Sergio Ramos, pero no se hace correctamente. La pronunciación debería ser halowíín, acentuando y alargando la última sílaba e intentando hacer una h pronunciada en lugar de una j. En latino américa se utiliza también la noche de las brujas. Por escrito, hay que recordar la doble L y la doble E. Continue reading

Beef production damages environment



C1 – Advanced

We are what we eat. But are what we eating harming our planet?

Read the article to know more about the scientific relationship of food and our environment.

Beef environment cost 10 times that of other livestock


1. Do you like meat and dairy products?
2. What meat or dairy product do you like the most?
3. Do you believe that food production has real significant effect on the environment? Explain.
4. How do you think you can reduce the environmental cost of the food you eat?


A Kingdom for your Birthday


B2 – Upper intermediate

What was the best birthday present you’ve ever received? Read the article below to learn about a father’s unusual birthday present to her young daughter.


US father takes unclaimed African kingdom so his daughter can be a princess


1. What can you say about the father?
2. Would you do the same thing if you were the parent?
3. What was the most extreme thing you’ve done/given for a birthday gift?
4. How do you think the father’s actions will affect the child? Describe your idea of good parenting.

Self-building robot


B1 – Intermediate

Scientists have created a robot that can build and fold by itself in just 4 minutes. A researcher suggested that the self-building robot  could be applied to a variety of different problems.

Self-building robot


1. How do you think this robot can be useful in space explorations?
2. What do you think of robots in general?
3. How else can this robot be useful?

Nigeria Declared Car Horn-Free Day

B2 – Upper intermediate

Nigeria’s largest city  declared  a car “Horn-Free Day”  to raise awareness of noise pollution. Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola told reporters that the extent of the noise from car horns was enough to be a danger to people’s hearing. However, it seems not everyone is on board.

Nigeria declared car horn-free day


1. How do you feel about Governor Fashola’s opinion that the drivers in Europe don’t really use their horns that much?
2. Would you say that your city has this kind of noise problem?
3. How would you describe traffic in your city? What would you do to make it better?
4. What do you think are the different types of pollution in your country?

Obama’s Credit Card Issue

B2 – Upper intermediate

Barack Obama had an embarrassing experience while dining at an expensive restaurant when his credit card was rejected. Obama told his credit card story on Friday while signing a new law to protect consumers from identity theft.

Barack Obama’s credit card problem 


1. Have you ever experienced any problem with your credit card in the past? What was the problem and how were you able to solve it?
2. How do you protect yourself when using your credit card or using online or mobile banking?
3. Does your country have very strict rules when it comes to using and sharing credit cards, bank accounts and other personal details?

*article was published in October 2014

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Retiring at 40


B2 – Upper intermediate

Do you ever dream of not having to go to work and not worry about money? Start planning to retire at the age of 40. Impossible? Read on for a guide on how to achieve this seemingly impossible dream.

Yes, you can retire before your 40th birthday


1. Would you be interested in early retirement? Why or why not?
2. How do you picture yourself as a retiree?
3. Does your current job have pension or retirement plans for its employees?
4. Does your government have a comprehensive package for pensioners?
5. Do you think there is a disadvantage to retiring early?

The Life of a Young Millionaire


C1 – Advanced

Take a peek into the life of a young and successful man who started creating his products when he was 11 and now owns a factory in China.

This Young Man From Brooklyn Is So Successful, He Owns His Own Chinese Factory


1. What were you doing when you were 20?
2. What do you think are the perks and pitfalls of being a young millionaire?
3. Are there many start up businesses in your city run and managed by young entrepreneurs?
4. If you became a multimillionaire, how would you manage your wealth?

*article was published in October 2014

Defeating Old Age and “Solving” Death

<> on July 13, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

C2 – Proficient

Will humankind be able to fight aging and untangle death? Google started a new medical company called Calico that aims to prolong life.

How Google’s Calico aims to fight aging and ‘solve death’


1. Do you think Google will succeed?
2. Have you ever thought of living for more than a hundred years?
3. Can you imagine how life would be when you are over the age limit of humanity?
4. In your country is there an increasing number of elderly people?
5. In your own little way, how would you prolong your life?