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Cash for Better Grades

B1 – Intermediate

A new report says ensuring children money to pass exams does not give them better grades. Parents might be wasting their money by using cash as an incentive.

Money does not make children pass exams 


1. How do you think you can encourage a child to study harder?
2. How did your parents motivate you when you were studying?
3. What motivates you to work harder?
4. Would you like to go back to school or study a new course?
5. How would you define success?

Cartoon Gets Racism Warning

B2 – Upper intermediate

Amazon, has put a warning on some of the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons.  They have said that that the scenes were wrong when the cartoons were made 70 years ago, and are still wrong today.

‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon gets racism warning


1. How would you define the term “racism”?
2. Do you think that racism can be seen in some cartoons?
3. Do you witness racism in your workplace or in your community? How about in other TV shows?
4. Why do you think racism is present in our society?

Where the Spanish Go for a Better Job

General Views of Maracana Stadium - FIFA World Cup Venues Brazil 2013

B2 – Upper intermediate

Due to the economic crisis that the country has been experiencing, some Spanish have opted to find opportunities outside of their country.  Which countries do the Spanish usually go to find a better job?

Where have all the Spaniards Gone?


1. Would you say that the situation is still the same now?
2. Have you ever considered immigrating?
3. If you would move to a different country for work, where would it be and why?
4. Do you have colleagues or friends from different parts of the world?


Grandma Fulfills Dream of Flying


B1 – Intermediate

Walt Disney once said, ” All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Mary Moe is a true testament to these words. At age 91, she fulfilled her dream of flying a plane. Truly, Moe and her story inspires people to dream, regardless of age.

91-Year-Old Achieves Dream, Learns To Fly


1. How do you perceive aging?
2. What is your greatest dream?
3. What are the challenges that you are facing that keep you from achieving this dream? How do you plan to fulfill it?



B1 – Intermediate

Jealousy is an emotion which is often comprised of negative thoughts, possessiveness, anxiety and fear. It is also often referred to by people as ” green-eyed monster”.



1. Have you ever been jealous? How do you manage such emotion?
2. Is being jealous okay? When is it wrong to be jealous?
3. Would you consider yourself to be an emotional person?

Global Yoga Day

B1 – Intermediate

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked world leaders to start a U.N. International Yoga Day. He spoke about the benefits of yoga, saying it was good for the mind and body, and could also help climate change.

Indian leader calls for global yoga day 


1. Have you tried yoga before?
2. What is your opinion of yoga as a sport?
3. What activities do you do to help improve your mood, mental health and physical health?
4. What do you think of meditation?


*on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as International Yoga Day by resolution 69/131.

Curry Spice Repairs Brain Cells

B2 – Upper intermediate

Scientists believe the spice turmeric could help the brain to heal itself. Researchers from the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Germany examined the effects of properties found in turmeric on rats. Dr Laura Phipps, from the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK said that it was too early to decide whether or not the research will be groundbreaking.

Curry spice may help repair brain cells 


1. Are you familiar with the spice turmeric?
2. What do you think are the other health benefits of herbs and spices we usually use for cooking?
3. Do you think that turmeric can heal degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer?
4. Do you take multivitamins or supplements to keep you stay healthy?
5. Have you tried Indian food or curry?

Fined for Wasting Food

B1 – Intermediate

The city of Seattle is introducing a system to fine people who waste food. They will get a $1 fine if more than 10 per cent of their garbage is food. The Seattle Public Utilities department said the new garbage disposal system should make people more aware that recycling is important.

U.S. city will fine people who waste food


1. Do you think that fining people will lessen the the amount of food that is being wasted?
2. Is recycling done in your neighborhood or city?
3. What laws does your country have when it comes to food wastage?
4. What are other things the government can do to discourage wastage?

 *Update: This law has been in effect since January 2015

Dealing with procrastination

C1 – Advanced

Procrastination is nothing new to us. This article explores how procrastination plays a role in our lives.

Be ready to explain some idiomatic expressions included in this article. You’ll be using them in sentences as part of your exercise.

Overcoming Procrastination


1. How do you view procrastination?
2. Do you agree with the article? Are there some points you disagree on?
3. How do you fight procrastination?


¿Cómo apuntarse a phone english?

Este artículo describe los pasos a dar para apuntarse a phone english.

clases de inglés por Skype o por teléfono

Por si acaso no lo sabes aún, phone english es un sitio web donde aprender inglés mediante clases particulares con profesores nativos por Skype o por teléfono. Las clases tienen una duración de 25 minutos y aquí puedes ver los precios.

clase gratuita de prueba

Si no eres un usuario de empresa, puedes probar de manera gratuita una clase de inglés por Skype o teléfono. Al registrarte tendrás un crédito con el que reservar una clase. Esta clase es completa (de 25 minutos) y tiene como finalidad de que conozcas cómo son nuestras clases de inglés por Skype o teléfono antes de comprar un pack de clases. Sólo es posible dar una clase, por lo que debes asegurarte de estar disponible a la hora que reserves. En caso contrario, perderás la clase salvo que la canceles con más de 4 horas de antelación.

formulario de registro


Para dar clases por Skype o teléfono, es imprescindible registrarse aquí. En el registro nos das tus datos para que podamos llamarte. Continue reading