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Acción de Gracias – Thanksgiving

Ya falta poco para ver como este año, el presidente de los EE.UU. indulta a un pavo que tendrá sus 2 minutos de gloria, y de esta forma, da comienzo al día de Acción de Gracias.

Es una de las pocas fiestas nacionales que hay en Estados Unidos, ya que, por la diversidad cultural y religiosa del país, ni siquiera la Navidad la celebra todo el mundo igual (vease Hanukkah o Kwanzaa) de ahí la importancia que se le da. Todo el país puede disfrutar de un día libre y reunirse con familiares y amigos sea cual sea el rincón en el que vivan, por lo que mucha gente viaja para encontrarse con sus seres queridos.

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The Trash-less Lady


B2 – Upper intermediate

Is it really possible to live without producing trash? Read the article below to know more about Lauren singer and her journey to living trash-less.



1. What did Lauren Singer do to eliminate trash?
2. How has her life improved since she went trash free?
3. With your current lifestyle, do you think this is something you can do?
4. How do you try to live with less clutter?

Swap Homes for Holidays


B2 – Upper intermediate

If you’ve seen the movie The Holiday you may be familiar with the concept of “Home Exchange”. Read the article below to know more about this kind of accommodation.

Learn how to live for free on your next holiday


1. Is Home Exchange interesting to you? Why or why not?
2. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of participating in this kind of service?
3. What accommodations do you prefer when you travel?

Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career


C1 – Advanced – Business English

Does your job feel like a dead end? It’s easy to look around and blame company politics. But what if the problem is you? Let Jack Welch help you evaluate yourself.

10 Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career


1. Are you guilty of any of these attitudes?
2. What is the danger of over-committing?
3. Do you have colleagues who have a rigid attitude? How do you deal with them?
4. How can we fix or solve complacency?


Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration

B2 – Upper intermediate

Immigration is a complex political issue worldwide. US President Obama announces an executive order that would help pave the way for enacting actions on immigration issues.

Obama to Announce Executive Order on Immigration


1. Does your country have problems with undocumented immigrants?
2. What are ways to solve a country’s problem on illegal immigration?
3. Do you think that parents who are undocumented should be deported?
4. What are the advantages of deportation?

*click on the title get an update on Obama’s immigration actions: The U.S. Supreme Court and Obama’s Immigration Actions

Illegal Job Interview Questions


Job Interview – B2 – Upper intermediate

Finding a job is hard. But perhaps harder is passing a job interview, especially if competition is tough. Always let a job interview show the best of you and avoid being pressed for unnecessary information about yourself that could lead to discrimination.

Here are some questions that employers may ask applicants that are actually stepping on their boundaries.

Five Illegal Job Interview Questions in the US


1. Share your job interview experiences. What kind of questions were you asked?
2. Has an employer ever made you uncomfortable answering their questions?
3. What was the most outrageous question that you were asked in a job interview?
4. Aside from the questions mentioned above, what questions during job interviews do you think shouldn’t be asked?

Is A College Education Worth The Price?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Attending college or university to complete a four- year course costs a lot of money. Is it really worth the price? Considering the high cost of education and the job market that remains weak.

Is a College Education Worth the Price?


1. Would you say that college or university education is affordable in your country?
2. What degrees are top earners in your country?
3. How’s the job market in your country these days?
4. What alternatives does your country have if a person cannot afford to attend university?

Blood Test May Predict Suicide Risk


C1 – Advanced

A recent study found a simple blood test that can help identify a person’s risk of committing suicide. Read the article below to know more about a specific gene that has helped the study.




Blood Test May Predict Suicide Risk By Studying Levels Of Gene Mutation SKA2


1. Do you think this kind of test can be useful in your country? Why or why not?
2. How else can this test be useful?
3. What psychological disorders do you know of? Please briefly discuss them.
4. Do you think more studies should focus on psychological disorders? Why or why not?

Video: Prison Bank

B1 – Intermediate

Banks are where we keep our savings. We always ensure our money is kept in good hands. What if the bank you choose as your partner is run by inmates and the manager himself is a convict? Find out more about this one of a kind “Prison bank”.

Prison bank


1. What are the things you consider in choosing a bank?
2. Can a convict trust a fellow convict?
3. Will you entrust your savings to a criminal?
4. What is the advantage of giving responsibilities to inmates?
5. In your country, do the prisons have programs for inmates?


Young and Free: Prerequisite for Success

Grammar – B2 – Upper intermediate

Idiomatic expressions make the conversation more colorful. Read the article below about success and be ready to discuss the different idiomatic expressions used in the article.

Young and Free – Prerequisite for Success


1. Describe a situation at work or in your personal life wherein you had to start from scratch.
2. Are you the type of person who takes the bull by the horns?
3. Are you interested in working on your own startup?
4. Describe a topic or a field that you would know inside out.
5. Do you agree that it’s a dog eat dog world out there?