Is A College Education Worth The Price?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Attending college or university to complete a four- year course costs a lot of money. Is it really worth the price? Considering the high cost of education and the job market that remains weak.

Is a College Education Worth the Price?


1. Would you say that college or university education is affordable in your country?
2. What degrees are top earners in your country?
3. How’s the job market in your country these days?
4. What alternatives does your country have if a person cannot afford to attend university?

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2 thoughts on “Is A College Education Worth The Price?

  1. Francisco Llaneza

    Considering that the average of a bachelor’s degree cost is approximately 6000 € in a public Spanish university and that Mathematics are essential in our society, I think that the degree i had in the university (Bachelor in Mathematics) absolutely worth the price. In my personal case, when i finished my studies i found a job very easily (as the 80% of my classmates). Also, In Spain the average wage of graduates in mathematics is higher than the national average wage.

    The degrees that are top earners in Spain are:
    1. Financial counselor
    2. Radiologist
    3. Judge
    4. CEO
    5. Plane pilot

    In general, nowadays the job market in Spain is not quite good as some years ago because of the financial crisis and government laws that harm the employee (like one law that makes easily to fire an employee). The wages have been decreasing over last years too.

  2. Ana Rodera

    About the question “is worth the price to study a degree in a university”, in my opinion, it depends on the type of university, if it is public or private. There is a huge difference in the cost of each type and at the end of the day, I am not quite sure about the return on the investment of a degree in a private university.
    The problem in Spain is the big business created around the universities. The number of universities in Spain is enormous, to be exact 122. This fact comes from the thought that to be “someone” a your life, you need a degree. This has caused:
    Firstly, that no matter the results you have in high school, you will have the opportunity to study a degree paying a big amount of money for that, instead of invest and improve the professional studies.
    Secondly, that companies hire people with university degree to cover positions that are not required to be cover with this.
    And Thirdly, currently the job market is full of people with university degree trying to differentiate of the rest with MBAs and languages.
    In my opinion the degrees more demanded are business administration & finance and industrial engineering.


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