‘Foodini’ the Food Printer


C1 – Advanced

Lazy old days won’t be the same once you have a 3D printer that will just give you what you are craving for. ‘Foodini’ is an innovative machine that will print real food without taking your time preparing it. It was introduced by Natural Machines.

‘Foodini’ machine lets you print edible burgers, pizza, chocolate


1. Would you like to taste food straight from your printer?
2. Do you think food items processed by ‘Foodini’ are healthy?
3. Will this machine be a helpful one? Is it worth buying, especially when it costs top dollar?
4. If you could invent something related to food, what would it be?
5. What are some of the food inventions that you truly enjoy or would like to try? (Click title have an idea: Food Inventions)

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‘Foodini’ the Food Printer
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