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Video: The Strange Disease of Always Being Hungry


C2 – Proficient

There are many mysterious diseases in the world. If you are lucky, they can find medications for it. In some cases they can’t. Medical researchers are continuously exploring ways to cure a number of diseases .

Watch the video and read the article below about a girl who was miraculously cured from her very rare disease and the others who suffer from the same syndrome.

Always Hungry Girl Gets ‘Childhood’ Back After Weight Loss Surgery


1. Explain the rare condition mentioned in the video. What happens to the patients who suffer from this condition?
2. How do you stay healthy?
3. Is it hard to be healthy?
4. How do you avoid being sick?
5. Will it be possible in the future that all diseases will have a cure?
6. What are other strange illnesses that you know of?

More Foreign Students in the US

B2 – Upper intermediate

More and more students from other countries flock to the US to pursue their education. Watch the video and read the article below to know more of the facts.

US Hosts Record Number of Foreign Students


1. What do you think are the main reasons why most students prefer to study in America?
2. What are the benefits of studying abroad?
3. Have you ever considered or experienced studying abroad? Talk about this experience.

Korean Air Executive Went Nuts over Nuts


C1 – Advanced

Heather Cho resigned as an executive of Korean Air after a nut incident. She was said to have gone furious at the head steward for serving her macadamia nuts in a packet instead of a plate.

Korean Air executive ‘made steward kneel over nut rage’


1. How do you feel about the said executive’s behavior?
2. Have you ever heard of similarly over-the-top behavior?
3. Some say the pilot could have refused the executive to avoid the delay caused by the incident. If you were in the pilot’s position, what would you have done?
4. If you were in the steward’s shoes what would you have done?

The Danger of Artificial Intelligence

B2 – Upper intermediate

Scientist Stephen Hawking believes that Artificial intelligence can be a threat to human race. Read the article below to know more about the possible consequences of artificial intelligence.

Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us


1. What do you know about artificial intelligence?
2. Do you believe this famous scientist’s
3. How have robots helped us in the past 15 years?
4. In your opinion, what are some jobs that only people can do?

Record Percentage of Americans Have Never Married


C1 – Advanced

There’s a surprising census data among Americans who have never married. Nowadays, women are more likely to pursue a better career and look for men with stable jobs. On the other hand, men who have never married said finding a woman who would be a good mother is more important.

Record Percentage of Americans Have Never Married


1. What is the marrying age in Spain?
2. What is more important to you in finding a partner, one with a stable career or someone who would be a good husband/wife?
3. Are you comfortable with the new ways of dating or meeting a potential partner?

Is Writing by Hand Better?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Scientists say that typing is a less effective way of remembering something. Many students now have resorted to typing on laptops or computers. Typing leads to mindless transcription.

Is Writing Notes by Hand Better Than Typing?


1. What is your opinion about the study?
2. How can computers affect us in a negative way?
3. Do you still prefer writing some of your notes?
4. What do you do to help yourself remember some things like birthdays or errands or even names?

Jailed for Helping

C1 – Advanced

A 90-year old chef was put into jail for feeding the homeless. There is a law in Florida which forbids people to feed the homeless.



Chef faces jail for feeding the homeless


1. Does this law make sense?
2. Why do you think the local Florida government implemented this kind of law?
3. Is it wrong to help the needy ones?
4. How do you help the needy ones?
5. Is there any similar law in your city/country?

True Wealth

B2 – Upper intermediate

The relationship between fathers and sons can be complicated at times. The main characters in the video exemplify this.


1. What do you think makes a great man?
2. According to the video, what is true wealth?
3. What are some of the lessons you have learned from your family?
4. How is family viewed in your own culture?

Spain’s Best Museums


B2 – Upper intermediate

On top of most tourists’ destination in Spain are Galleries like Prado and Reina Sofia. But there are still a whole lot more to see. The not-so-famous museums in Spain deserve to be paid a visit. Here are top ten of them.

Spain’s best museums

Discussion Questions:

1. What’s the best/most interesting museum you’ve ever been to?
2. What do you like most and least about museums?
3. Do you think it should be free to enter museums?
4. If you had lots of money to start your own museum, what would you exhibit in it and what would you call it?