What’s your Dawn Wall?

C1 – Advanced

Imagine a 3,000-foot (900-meter) high rock formation. Now picture free climbing, or climbing up this gargantuan natural structure with just your hands and feet. Impossible? Not anymore. The Dawn Wall, an imposing rock structure in Yosemite Park, is possibly the world’s toughest free climb, and in 2015, Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell were the first free climbers to make it all the way up.

Sometimes challenges in life feel uncannily similar to a steep climb. Have you scaled your own Dawn Wall lately?


1. What “projects” are you currently taking on? Which one seems like a climb up the Dawn Wall?
2. In the video, Kevin Jorgeson is described as someone following his bliss. What does it mean to “follow one’s bliss”? Are you following your own bliss?
3. What qualities should a person possess to succeed in life?
4. How do you approach life’s difficulties?
5. What recent personal success are you most proud of? How did you celebrate this achievement?

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What’s your Dawn Wall?
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