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Autism & Air Pollution


B2 – Upper intermediate

We have come a long way since autism was first studied. We now have multiple research about its different causes. Nonetheless, new developments and analysis are continuous in hopes of helping multiple parents and families cope.

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts.

US Study Links Air Pollution to Autism


1. What is autism and what are its symptoms?
2. According to the article, what is the link between autism and air pollution?
3. Does your country have advanced facilities and knowledge when it comes to helping children with autism?
4. In your opinion, why do you think there is a rise in diagnosed autism?


Love and Work


C1 – Advanced

In this generation, both men and women have equal rights of pursuing a career for the family. In a household where both are working full time, occupied schedules can get in the way.

Is all fair in love and work?


1. Have you ever been in a situation where most of your time is devoted to work?
2. Do you think there’s an issue with married couples or couples who live together who work for the same company?
3. How do you balance home and career?
4. Is interoffice relationship allowed in your company?

Valentine’s Day: A History of the Day of Love


B1 – Intermediate

Read the article below to know the brief history of Valentine’s Day. Understand the story behind the holiday when most countries spend a lot of money and when florists and chocolate stores have very good profit.

Valentine’s Day: A History of the Day of Love


1. Is Valentine’s Day big in your country? How do people usually celebrate it?
2. Do you think Valentine’s Day is too commercial or consumerist?
3. Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day memory?

The Perks of Being a Googler


B2 – Upper intermediate

Employee benefits are optional, non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries. At Google, the benefits are what employees live for.

Read the article below to know more about the benefits that workers in Google truly enjoy.

Google Employees Reveal Their Favorite Perks About Working For The Company


1. What are your benefits as an employee of your company?
2. What are some perks that you wish you had?
3. Are you able to still follow your passion while working in your company?
4. What are the things you like about your company or office?


The Disadvantage of China’s One-Child Policy


B2 – Upper intermediate

It’s no secret that China’s one-child policy was passed as a law to help curb their population growth and make sure that their land could support the people. However, not many are aware of the consequences that it brought to families.

Read the article below to know more about the downside of China’s one-child policy.

Chinese Mom Has Abortion Because Her Only Child Threatened Suicide if She Had Another Baby


1. What is your initial reaction to China’s one-child policy?
2. In your country, what is the current trend when it comes to having a family?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family?

ATM Theft Becoming Common

C1 – Advanced

People will do anything for money. That includes stealing a cash machine.

Click below to read the article and to watch the video about the rising incidences of ATM theft. Click on SHOW TRANSCRIPT just below the video to access the script of the news clip.

ATM thefts becoming a common crime in Iowa


1. What do you think are the reasons why cash machine thefts are happening?
2. Share some ways this can be prevented.
3. Has this happened in your city?
4. How would you describe crime rate in your country?


Pet Ownership


C1 – Advanced

Animals play an important role in our lives. We value them as our companion and a part of our family, which can affect our lives. Is this companionship good and beneficial to our lives?

Let’s discover the positive effects of having a pet for a child’s development.

How pets benefit child development


1. Do you agree that having pets can help a child’s development?
2. Do you have pets? Have you taken care of animals in the past?
3. Do you think there are animals that should not be treated as pets?

Ahora también en Hangouts

Inglés por hangouts

Incluimos una nueva mejora y a partir de ahora se pueden dar las clases de inglés por Hangouts. Si tienes una cuenta de correo de Google, nuestros profesores pueden llamarte a través de este sistema, en vez de por teléfono o Skype desde hoy.

inglés por hangouts

inglés por hangouts

Con esto, añadimos una nueva vía de comunicación con nuestros alumnos. Las ventajas son similares a las que ofrece Skype, pero si tienes una cuenta de google y no de Skype, ya no es necesario que crees un nuevo usuario en otra plataforma. También tienes acceso a las llamadas en cualquier parte siempre que tengas conexión a internet y puedes emplear cuadros de diálogo como apoyo escrito a tus clases.

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A Better Way to Track Passenger Planes

B2 – Upper intermediate

Considering the recent airplane crash incidents and disappearance, airline industry leaders and regulators want to improve airline safety. They want planes to have more dependable devices that can follow planes as they fly.

Watch the video and read the article to find out their proposal to a better way to track passenger planes.

Is There A Better Way to Track Passenger Planes?


1. How often do you travel by plane?
2. Are you comfortable traveling by plane considering its risks?
3. Do you think the said proposal is possible?


Privacy Concerns in Social Networks


C1 – Advanced

Selfies and social networks have become ubiquitous in today’s modern world.

Just how secure are mobile phones and social media platforms?  With so much information being self-disclosed by millions of tech users globally, answers pertaining to data collection and use and safeguards for data protection should be everyone’s concern.

Read the article, and weigh in with your ideas on the issue.

The Biggest Myth about Phone Privacy


1. What information can hackers get from people’s use of smartphones and social networks?
2. Do you read the Privacy Policy of each social network that you sign up for?
3. According to the article, what can you do to safeguard your privacy online?
4. Do the advantages of using social networks and smartphone applications outweigh the risk of online information leaks?