Video: Does Playful Equal Productive?

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Rat race. Dog-eat-dog. Just two idioms that have been used to describe today’s corporate world. One design company, however, has decided to follow a growing trend among high-performing companies, that of fostering creativity through a less stressful office environment.

But can work and play truly co-exist? The employees at Pearfisher seem to think so. Watch the video, then come back to weigh in with your thoughts.

This office has a giant ball pit for its employees


1. What do the terms “rat race” and “dog-eat-dog” mean? Do these describe your workplace?
2. What big-name companies mentioned in the video have taken a different tack by designing creative spaces for their employees?
3. Based on the video, explain the “power of play.”
4. Would you prefer working in a “non-goal-orientated environment”?
5. What are the benefits that can be derived from working in a low-pressure environment? What are the drawbacks?
6. Are creative spaces suitable for all kinds of companies?

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