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Getting Caught Red-Handed

B2 – Upper intermediate

We always try to do our job well. Who would want to be caught slacking off?

Check out the article and video below then share your thoughts about the employee’s actions.

FOX Traffic News Reporter Caught Going To McDonald’s Drive-Thru Live On Air


1. Did you think it was funny what happened to the the traffic reporter? Do you think he handled the situation well?
2. If you were the station manager would you do anything to reprimand the employee?
3. If you were in the traffic reporter’s place, how would you handle the situation?


Exhaustion Not a Status Symbol


C1 – Advanced

Getting tired and working too hard is now being equated to productiveness. And there is a growing sense of pride in being too busy to do anything else but work. Should this be the case? Is this the better choice?

Read the following article and express your thoughts about it.

Exhaustion is not a status symbol


1. What is Professor Brown’s attitude toward work?
2. Does she think it’s possible to achieve work-life balance? What do you think?
3. With the range of office technology available to workers, are we truly able to do more with less?
4. Why does Brown think giving five minutes of feedback spells a difference in today’s office culture?
5. If you had full control over your schedule, what changes would you make? What items in your timetable would you prioritize?


Is changing the clock a waste of time?


C1 – Advanced

Daylight Saving Time is the practice of advancing standard time by one hour in the spring of each year and of setting it back by one hour in the fall in order to gain an extra period of daylight during the early evening. Many countries observe this change.

Let’s try to know more about its history and significance. Watch the videos and listen to the audio clips with the transcript.

Is changing the clocks a waste of time?


1. What is the resource saying about Daylight Savings Time?
2. Do you see a drawback to having to adjust your clocks on specific seasons?
3. Do you, personally, think that adjusting is a waste of time? Or is this needed?
4. What is the longest night time you have experienced?


Children Spend Six Hours on Screens

_81934166_babieswithtabletsC1 – Advanced

Although TV viewing has dropped, the dramatic increase of children glued to a screen has been observed. They are even using multiple screens. This phenomenon can be accounted for the availability of different media.

Read the article below to know more about the facts regarding children and their screen time.

Children spend six hours or more a day on screens


1. What are the popular tools being utilized by children these days?
2. Do these media post greater threat than good?
3. In your country, how are kids now different from kids then?
4. Do you have any rules for your children when using gadgets?


Building Self Confidence


B2 – Upper intermediate

Confidence is knowing and implying what you’re good at, your value to other people, and acting in a way that shows that to others. Our level of self-confidence can convey in many ways: our behavior, body language, how we speak, and what we say.

Read the article below to know more on how we can be confident in ourselves.

How to Build Self-Confidence


1. Do you agree with what the article says about being more self-confident?
2. How do you confront your fears?
3. What do you do to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself?
4. Do you believe in pep talk?


The Widening Aisle Of Interracial Marriages


C1 – Advanced

Multicultural marriages have been more popular than ever. Many reasons have been attributed in seeking partners from another country.

Let’s know more about real people’s accounts. How are they managing their relationship?

Walking Down The Widening Aisle Of Interracial Marriages


1. How are interracial and multicultural marriages viewed in your country?
2. Do you have friends or know anyone who married someone of a different race or culture?
3. In your opinion, what are some of the challenges that couples of mixed marriages face?


Yotel – Tiny Hotel Rooms

B2 – Upper intermediate

Whether you are on a vacation or on a business trip, one of the things that is on the top of your list is a nice play to stay at where you can relax after a long day of city tour and shopping or after an intense meeting with a client.

A new hotel has just opened in the city of New York in the U.S. Find out below what makes it different from the rest.

Yotel – Tiny Hotel Rooms in the Middle of Manhattan


1. Do you like staying at hotels when travelling?
2. Have you experienced staying at a luxurious hotel?
3. What are some of the excellent accomodations that you’ve stayed at in the past?
4. Are there unique places to stay in in your city?


A Personal Air Vehicle

C1 – Advanced

The futures is now. That is, if we go by the timeline set by the iconic sci-fi movie “Back to the Future.” So where are all the flying cars? According to Professor Missy Cummings in this BBC feature, there are only a few hurdles to the development of personal air vehicles. And technology is not one of them.

Watch the video then read the article and be ready to express your thoughts about the topic.

Why everyone may have a personal air vehicle


1. Would owning a personal air vehicle simplify or complicate our lives?
2. What are the hurdles that prevent the full realization of the flying car?
3. If personal air vehicles will essentially be robots, what can be done to ensure that they will be hacker-proof?

Video: How Elephants Affect Weather

C1 – Advanced

Rainforests are very important in keeping our planet healthy. We all benefit from them; they sustain life.  Did you know that the abundance of plant species are available because of the mega-gardeners of the forest, the elephants ?

Read the short introduction then watch the video to know how elephants play a big role in propagating plant species.

Jumbo-gardeners: How elephants affect weather


1. According to the video, how do elephants become jumbo-gardeners?
2. What was your reaction while watching the short video?
3. Have you ever volunteered to help clean and save the environment (beach clean-up, tree planting etc.)?
4. Are there NGOs in your country who are actively promoting to save the rainforests or endangered species?

Video: The Silent Eatery

C1 – Advanced

Can you imagine having dinner out with friends without engaging in conversation? That is exactly the protocol at a New York restaurant called “Eat”.

Watch the video below and be prepared to share your thoughts about it.

Silence is golden for New York restaurant


1. Is the restaurant a novel idea or is it mere gimmickry?
2. Explain the concept behind “Eat”.
3. Towards the end of the video, how did the diners react to their dining experience?
4. What are some of the unique restaurants that you have been to?