Bizarre Foods Around the World

B1 – Intermediate

When travelling, it is usual for other people to try the country’s popular dish. But sometimes we need to be adventurous to try some of the local food.

Let’s find out some of the strangest food around the world. You may read the article with the audio clip. Watch the video also at the end of the article.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – Five Bizarre Foods


1. When was the last time you traveled abroad?
2. What were the delicacies and local food that you have tried?
3. Have you tried strange food before?
4. Are there cuisines that you would like to try?

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4 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods Around the World

  1. Itziar

    1. The last time that I traveled abroad was this summer. I was in Florida visiting Miami, Orlando, Cabo Cañaveral and Key West.
    2. The delicacies that I tried in Key West was the Key lime pie. There is very famous and you can eat as a dessert in all the restaurants. There are shops where all the products are made with lime. A famous local food is the Conc, is a giant sea snail. I tried two times but I did´t like. It is very hard.
    3. No, I don´t usually try strange food. The most strange food that I had tasted is the Japanese food and I don´t like.
    4. No, the truth is that I am very special with meals.

  2. Gloria

    1.This Summer. I was in Portugal.
    2. Grilled fish and Porturguese cheese and wine.
    3. I ate horse at Netherlands.
    4.Yes, I would like to try the hawaian and indonesian dishes.

  3. Rita

    1. Last December I was in Germany.
    2. Despite what many people think, German food is not only sausages. I tasted the Maultaschen (tipical from Baden-Württemberg), Kartofellsalat and all kind of salads they have, also the Spätzle, Sauerkraut, and last but not least, the famous Apfelstrudel and Pretzels.
    3. I like very much Mediterranean food so it is difficult to try a different kind of dishes.
    4. I do not have any special cuisine that I would like to try.

  4. Elio

    1. The last time I travelled was two weeks ago for visiting Bourdeaux, in France, the land of wines.
    2. I tried a lot of cheese, sheep and goat cheese to accompany some wines
    3. I tried foie gras that is typical from this and more regions in France. I must say that was delicious if you don’t think what it is.
    4. Oh yes, I would try as many cuisines a I can!


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