Strange Habits in Different Countries

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They say that “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If this is true, then you can say this guy is quite rich. Read on as he tells us some peculiar habits that he has learned from his experiences visiting and living in different places in the world.

The 23 strangest habits you’ll pick up after living in 23 different countries


1. Talk about three strangest habits you’ve acquired or observed from visiting or living in a different country?
2. How do you adapt to differences in customs and traditions?
3. Which habit mentioned in this blog would you like to pick up?

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One thought on “Strange Habits in Different Countries

  1. Angel

    I worked in Prato (Italy) near of Florence for my job; there are many manufacturers as wool derivatives for textile industry. The journey began very early about 6,30 AM and finalized at 18,00 or 19,00 PM. The main menu for the employers is only one course and every one speak about the football, calcio in Italian.


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