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Study: ‘Bad luck’ can Cause Cancer

C2 – Proficient

You’ve got people who smoke and live to be 90. Then you’ve got fit ones who are diagnosed in their 40s.

Read the article and watch the video to know the different causes of cancer

Scientists: Random gene mutations primary cause of most cancer


1. Is health a priority for you?
2. How do you think a disease can be avoided?
3. Did your opinion on healthy living change after reading the article?
4. Do you immediately see a doctor when you are ill?
5. In your opinion, is it expensive to follow a healthy lifestyle?

Is Your Voice Holding You Back?

B2 – Upper intermediate

We’re guilty of judging people based on how they sound. We’ve also made fun of some along the way. Let’s find out how people perceive voice in general and how we can make some improvements.

Click the title below to read the article. Watch the video as well to get extra information.

Is your voice holding you back?


1. Why do some people want to change their voice?
2. What is vocal fry and what do you think about it?
3. Have you ever been annoyed by anyone because of the sound of their voice?

Cities With the Worst Traffic


B2 – Upper intermediate

Traffic by definition is the movement of vehicles, ships, aircraft, or persons in an area or over a route. Do you know some terminologies involved when talking about traffic? This article will provide some terms as you also learn the current top 10 cities in the world with the worst traffic.

Top Ten Cities With the World’s Worst Traffic


1. How bad is the traffic condition in your city?
2. What can you say about rush hour traffic in your city?
3. How do you commute to work?


Kinds of People You Don’t Want in a Meeting


Business English – C2 – Proficient

As professionals we’ve had our share of endless meetings. Some were productive but some were pointless. The agenda is important but so are the people attending the meeting. It turns out that meeting participants can affect the mood or environment in a meeting.

Here is an article to help you identify what kind of meeting  attendee you should and shouldn’t be.

13 Types of Meeting Attendees You Don’t Want to Be


1. Have you recognized any of the types among your colleagues?
2. Are you any of these types?
3. What do you think is the worst kind of attendee?
4. Can you think of other type/s that you can add to the list?

Flying Food

B1 – Intermediate

In order to attract new customers, entrepreneurs should know how to make their clients interested in what they have to offer.  They can invest in a really amazing location, in hardworking staff, or even in state-of-the-art equipment just like in a restaurant in Singapore.

Click below to watch the video then answer the activities to practice your comprehension.

 Flying food

 Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think of this restaurant?
2. Have you been in a similar establishment?
3. Would you like to be served by a “drone”?
4. Tell me about an exciting restaurant experience you’ve had.

The Science of “Three-Person Babies”


C1 – Advanced

Britain is the first country to have a type of procedure called ” mitochondrial replacement therapy.” It is to avoid women from passing diseases or disorders to their children.

However, there are different public reactions to this procedure that really frightens and offends others.

‘Three-Person Babies’ Debate Goes Beyond Science and Religion


1. What is your stand on this treatment?
2. Would you dare try MRT even if it may threaten your and your child’s health?
3. What is your opinion on gene mutation?
4. Has science gone beyond it distinctive procedures?