The World’s Ageing Population


B2 – Upper intermediate

The dilemma of an increase of elderly people is truer than we think.

The article below shows facts about the current population trend and its disadvantages. Share your thoughts and knowledge related to this issue.

The World’s Ageing Population


1. Are there more younger people than older individuals in your country?
2. How does your government take care of the senior citizens?
3. What are the effects of an ageing population to a country?

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The World’s Ageing Population
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One thought on “The World’s Ageing Population

  1. Cláudia Mendes

    Spain and Portugal, the two countries I know best, have an ageing population and there are more older people than younger. This fact has a great impact in the economy of a country since there are less active population and therefore less people working for the common well being. Also an ageing population has a great impact in the health system of a country since there are more visits to the GP or to the ER and as a consequence a higher intake of medicines, highly impacting in the economy of a country. Moreover countries are not well prepared to have such a high number of elderly people and sometimes this big part of the population is not well taken care of.


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