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Mistakes You Can Make at Work


B2 – Upper intermediate

It’s one thing to notice someone else’s attitude. It’s another to notice your own. You may be performing very well but your colleagues hold you on low regard due to some behaviors you manifest.

Read the article below to find out some office behaviors or mistakes workers do at work.

The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Ever Make at Work


1. How well do you blend in with the people in your office?
2. Are you familiar with any of the behaviors mentioned in the article?
3. Do you almost always try to be at your best behavior but still feel that you’re not giving enough due to prying eyes?
4. How do you deal with coworkers that are difficult to work with?

World Happiness Report 2015


C1 – Advanced

Living in different countries, we have different cultures. We all have different definitions of happiness. How would you define Happiness?

Read the article below to know more about the World Happiness Report and its aims or objectives.

World Happiness Report 2015 ranks happiest countries


1. Share some of the happiest moments in your life?
2. Are the people living in your country known for being funny, fun-loving or happy?
3. How would you describe a good and healthy quality of living?

Video: Woman Sues Over Weight-Loss

C1 – Advanced

Some people argue that we live in a world were people are judged by their looks. There are many qualities by which physical appearance is deemed acceptable by modern society: body shape, skin complexion, height and even weight.

Recently, a student sued her own university for allegedly denying her the chance to apply for the dance troupe.

Watch the video then express your ideas on the matter.

Woman sues university over weight-loss suggestion


1. Are there any circumstances when a person’s weight should be factored in for consideration in an organization or activity?
2. Can the situation described in the video be considered an example of discrimination?
3. What adjectives can you use to describe the woman’s feelings? Would you feel the same if you were in her shoes?


Staying Healthy in Summer

B2 – Upper intermediate

Summer weather has been getting warmer and warmer. It is important that you keep healthy in the middle of an unforgiving high temperature.

Below are some tips in order to beat the heat. Go through them one by one and share some of your ideas in keeping cool.

10 Tips For Staying Healthy In Summer


1. Do you like summer? What do you like about it?
2. Which of the tips in the article do you practice?
3. What activities do you usually do in summer?
4. Have you travelled to a place with a cooler climate during the summer to escape the heat of your city?


Living Away From Home


B2 – Upper intermediate

Living away from home used to be just a choice for some. But with today’s economic struggles, it seems to be one of the most viable option for many.  Leaving home is not easy. But there are advantages to calling a foreign country your new abode.

Read the article below then share some of your thoughts.

10 things you learn living away from home


1. Have you tried living away from your family?
2. What are the things you’ve learned from living away from home?
3. What do you think are other positive things of living far from family?
4. What are the negative things of this set-up?

Things Not to Say in Sales or Business


B2 – Upper intermediate

In sales or in business it can be easy or challenging to close a deal.  It is also important for a person in sales to be reminded that he represents not only himself but also the company.

Read the article below for tips on how to better communicate with customers.

 Never Say These 7 Things in Sales


1. As a consumer, which ones do you look out for when doing business with someone?
2. Have you experienced bad customer service? How did you handle it?
3. What are some of the companies that you trust because of how they treat you as client?


Vaccines and our Health


B1 – Intermediate

Vaccines have been around for many years. But how does it work and what does it do to our body?

Click the title below to know more about vaccines. Be ready to answer some discussion questions.

 Vaccines – Antibodies That Protect Us From Diseases


1. In your own words, please explain what vaccines are?
2. What are some of the common vaccines that you know?
3. What do you think about vaccines? Are they helpful or harmful?
4. Do you agree that some vaccines can cause illnesses?


Genetically Engineered Rice


B2 – Upper intermediate

The crisis in food has been foreseen by experts and through this a scientific innovation was developed. This is called GM or Genetically Modified food which resulted in a serious discussion and deliberation whether it will make us healthy or will harm the health of many.

Dispute About Genetically Engineered Rice


1. What is your thought on GM food? Does it contribute to a healthier society?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this gene modification?
3. Are you now more particular when it comes to buying your food as compared to before?

The Disadvantages of Being Clever


C2 – Proficient

Most parents would want to have intelligent kids. The common education system promotes academic excellence. People would do everything to be smart by studying hard; going to private academy for tutorials and starting early on in education to have an edge in life.

However, it has been discovered that there are disadvantages to being an intellectual. Read the article below to know what they are and to find out about intellectual humility.

The surprising downsides of being clever


1. What is your reaction to the article?
2. Have you witnessed intelligent people make the wrong choices for themselves?
3. Do you think that the educational system should change when it comes to measuring intelligence?
4. How can employers take advantage of intellectual humility when interviewing candidates?

Do We Need New Internet?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Some internet experts are saying that the worldwide web has become unsafe that the best thing to do is to start all over.

Read the article below and share your thoughts about Internet safety.

Do We Need a New Internet?


1. How useful is the Internet to you?
2. How common is Internet fraud in your country?
3. Do you think it is possible to start from square one as the article suggests?