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Smoking: Cause of Preventable Death


B2 – Upper intermediate

Smoking is linked to preventable deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease. In America the percentage of smokers has dwindled. How about in your country? Anti-smoking measures help a great deal in educating people about this vice and, in the process, reduces the number of smokers.

Smoking is the Leading Cause of Preventable Death


1. Do you think that graphic warnings on cigarette packages help in educating people?
2. Are there a lot of smokers in your country?
3. What do you think are good ways to quit smoking?

The Danger of a Single Story

C2 – Proficient

Critical misunderstanding is the product of a single story. Our perception of someone or another culture can be from overlapping stories . Novelist Chimamanda Adichie narrates how she found her cultural voice and warns us of the danger of hearing only a single story about another person or country.


1. Who are some of the famous local authors or novelists that you know of?
2. What are some of the novels that you like? International?
3. What do you know about the continent Africa? What countries in Africa have you been to?
4. What are some of the stereotypes of your country that you know of?


Human Microchips

B2 – Upper intermediate

Office ID cards are a thing of the past. With this futuristic office in Sweden, you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting your ID at home ever again. You won’t even need some cash to buy coffee in the cafeteria.

Listen and read as Neil and Harry of BBC’s 6 Minute English talk about this ultramodern identification system.

Human microchips


1. Are we on our way to being part human, part machine?
2. Would you be interested to try this ID system in this office?
3. How can we benefit from this kind of technology?
4. How do you remember all your passwords?

*Click the title to watch a video of similar topic: Microchip Implants for Employees

Chief Shames ‘Drunk’ Flight Attendant


B2 – Upper intermediate

Receiving an email from your boss could either mean good news or bad news. But how would you react if you receive an email similar to the article below?

Read and express your thoughts about it.

Qatar Airways chief shames ‘drunk’ flight attendant in email


1. Do you think the boss did the right thing?
2. What can you say about the alleged behavior of the flight attendant?
3. Where do you think should employers draw the line when it comes to monitoring their employees’ activities outside work?


Doomsday Kit on Sale

inside doomsday yellow

C1 – Advanced

The prophecy of the Mayan Calendar became such a hype when it predicted the end of the world in 2012. Thus, a Siberian company cashed in on the panic and came up with a survival kit.

Read this article from 2012 and express your thoughts about it.

Doomsday kits go on sale in Siberia as ‘end of the world’ looms…


1. How did you react when you heard about the Mayan Prophecy of the world ending on the 21st of December 2012?
2. Should people preoccupy themselves with predicting when the world will end?
3. If you knew the exact date the world would end, would it change the way you live? If so, in what ways? If not, why?
4. If you had to prepare your own Doomsday kit, what would be in it?