More Rights for Women in Saudi Arabia

B1 – Intermediate

Each country has its own rules and customs. Some are liberating while others are dated. Read the article and discover how Saudi Arabia is changing some of their traditions.

More Rights for Women in Saudi Arabia


1. What are some of the rights that you enjoy as a woman in your country?
2. In your country, do you think that the government should pass more laws for women and children?
3. How are the women viewed in your society?


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One thought on “More Rights for Women in Saudi Arabia

  1. Soraya

    1. Women’s rights can not enjoy according to the text are: to vote, to drive alone or must cover whole body, but these are other more.
    I don’t think the problem is religion, the problem is the people who governs, are all men. They make laws as they want. All powers are together, a lot of power in a few peolple is not good.

    2. All different looks bad, we have to learn, undertand and then give your opinion. It is a reality, they should have more right, let them go to the school, to can work, to choose, to develop themselves as person and also to make mistakes.


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