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Fast Japanese train


B2 – Upper intermediate

It is known that transportation in Japan is modern and highly developed. Let’s look at this fast Japanese train. Be ready to talk about the different modes of transportation you have in your country.

Read the article then watch the video included.

Fast Japanese train


1. What is the most common form of transportation in Spain?
2. Do you think Spain needs a fast train like Japan’s maglev train?
3. Talk about how you normally get to work.

Craving for McDonald’s Less and Less


C1 – Advanced

Americans are turning their backs on McDonald’s. With lower sales for six straight quarters, one of the largest fast-food chain’s new British CEO’s main task now is to entice Americans to remain drawn to eating their burgers, among their other food products.

Is the US love affair with McDonald’s waning?


1. What are your preferences when it comes to fast food?
2. Do you agree that people are now more health-conscious with their food choices?
3. Talk about your own diet / eating habits.


The Canadian Niceness


C1 – Advanced

Ever travelled to a “rude” country? Experienced being greeted by stiff immigration officers after a long flight? Canada offers something different.

Read the article and discover the innate personality of the country called Canada.

Can Canada teach the rest of us to be nicer?


1. Share some of your past travel stories. Have you had bad experiences?
2. What are some of the countries that you have visited and which would you like to visit again? Why?
3. What do you like most about travelling and what do you least like about it?


Speaking Activity: Social Media & Privacy


B2 – Upper intermediate

Many people increasingly utilize social Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. These networks allow users to publish details about themselves and their lives and also connect to their friends and colleagues. However some of the information revealed in these networks should remain private and not published at all.

Click the title below to practice your speaking skills and talk about using social media. Be ready to discuss new phrases and to answer discussion questions.

Topic: Social Media & Privacy


Speaking Activity: De-Stressing


B1 – Intermediate

These days it seems like everyone is experiencing stress. Sometimes, trying to relax can just add more stress if you do it the wrong way.

Click the title below and be ready to practice your speaking skills by talking about how to relax. You’ll be learning new phrases and answering discussion questions.

Topic: De-stressing


Video: Falling Behind in Women’s Rights

C1 – Advanced

A recent report showed that while women in the United States are generally treated better than women in other countries, there are still a few areas where gender inequality exists.

Watch the following video then express your opinions.

Is the United States falling behind in women’s rights?


1. According to the video, in what specific areas do American women lag behind their foreign counterparts when it comes to gender equality?
2. Based on the video, what countries are leading the way in terms of women’s rights?
3. On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the highest), how would you rate your country’s efforts to provide better opportunities for its women?


Schools Feeding and Clothing Pupils


C1 – Advanced

It has been said that the school is the second home of the child. Read the article and discuss the boundaries that schools should have when it comes to taking care of children.

Schools feeding and clothing pupils, say heads


1. What is the concern raised in the article?
2. What do you think should be the primary roles of schools?
3. Describe the educational system of your country.
4. How would you describe the welfare program for poor people in your country?
5. If you could, what changes or improvements would you implement in your country’s educational or social systems?


Modernizing Marriage in India

C1 – Advanced

In some cultures, arranged marriages are still practiced up to this day. Watch the video carefully and discover how India is changing their tradition.

This video will be a good listening exercise as it shows people speaking English with a different accent.


1. How do you feel about arranged marriages?
2. What do you think of Internet dating?
3. Describe some of the marriage or wedding traditions that you have in your country.


Two Minutes of Walking Improves Health

Operations At Food Ordering Startup TinyOwl As India Fosters Surge Of Errand Apps

B2 – Upper intermediate

There have been numerous studies about sitting too long at work and how it can affect our health. It has been suggested that walking around helps your health. But how long of a walk is considered enough to break the habit of prolonged sitting?

Read the article below then be ready to express your thoughts about staying in good shape.

Two Minutes of Walking Each Hour Drastically Improves Health, Study Says


1. Describe a typical day at work or in the office.
2. How do you stay healthy in spite of your busy schedule?
3. What are your go-to exercises?

South Korean Government Made K-Pop


C2 – Proficient

K-pop or Korean pop music is big in Asia and is now spreading to some European countries. But, in South Korea, K-pop is more than just music. Read the article below and discover how the government of South Korea treats their music industry.

This resource includes an audio clip so feel free to listen to the audio as well.

How The South Korean Government Made K-Pop A Thing


1. Are you familiar with K-pop? Describe the music industry in your country.
2. Who are some of the very famous musicians in your country? Talk about your preferences in music.
3. Talk about some of the industries in your country that are doing very well or are being taken care of by the government.