Alcoholism on the Rise in Italy


B2 – Upper intermediate

As in other cultures, wine is part of the Italian culture. Italians take wine pretty seriously. They relax and enjoy a glass paired with their delectable dishes.

However, for the young, the story isn’t quite the same. Read the article below about young Italians and their drinking habits.

Alcoholism on the Rise in Italy


1. What do you think is a healthy dose of alcohol?
2. How much beer, wine or vodka can you drink daily without any damage to your health?
3. Italian youths are becoming reckless drinkers. Do you see this happening in your country?

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2 thoughts on “Alcoholism on the Rise in Italy

  1. Oscar

    1) About the first question it depends on your weight and age. The more heavier you are the more you can drink. I think Doctors recomends a glass of wine for meal, or its equivalence in beer.

    2) I normally drink one beer when I am having dinner, and it is a way to be relaxed after a hard day of work. But at weekend I can drink more, drinking is a social habit. So if you have special evening, a good bottle of wine can help to have a better atmosphere.

    3) Well, alcohol is the most dangerous drug because of its very easy to buy, and it is very cheap. Alcohol abuse can damage mental and physical capabilities, perhaps not as fast as other drugs, but stadistics shows that there are more people who died by alcohol that for others kinds of drugs.

  2. Sergio

    1) In my opinion I believe that moderate consumption should not be harmful to health , for example, a glass of wine or beer , in some meals

    2) Usually I do not like alcoholic drinks. Sometimes , especially in summer , I usually take some beer with lemon to avoid the heat

    3) I think drinking in an uncontrolled can lead to serious health problems such as liver problems, psychological problems , such as loss of attention , depression , aggressiveness, etc …


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