Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes


B2 – Upper intermediate

Gone are the days when doctors would actually visit the sick and heal them from the comfort of their homes. But what one doctor is bringing that back.

For this article, explain what Ernest Brown does and why he is considered unique.

Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes


1. Explain Dr. Brown’s background and how he was led to making house calls. What is “concierge services.”?
2. Are house doctors a popular idea in your city or region?
3. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of doctors making house calls?
4. Talk about the last time you were sick and had to see a doctor.

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One thought on “Doctor Brings Healing to Patients in Their Homes

  1. Victoria Sastre

    1. In my city it isn´t usual house doctor, but we pay private doctor and sometimes my husband call and ask to the doctor to come in our home and the experience always is good but in Madrid it isn´t usual.

    2. For me this has advantages only.

    3. I had to go to doctor 1 year ago because my stomach was very bad and 1 year after my stomach is better but always I have problems with that, I have a problem to go to toilet, with different foods and this situation is new for me and the doctor said me is because I am nervous and I have to investment about foods with this new situation and now I am learning a new live healther.


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