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New Software Helps Catch Criminals

B2 – Upper intermediate

In this day and age, technology hasn’t only made our life easier, it has also been keeping us safe.

Read the article below to know more on how computers and programs are being used by the task force to combat crime.

New Software Helps to Predict Crimes and Catch Criminals


1. Are some parts of your city considered more dangerous than others? Which parts?
2. Do you think that punishment for violent crimes should be the same for juveniles and adults? Why/why not?
3. Do you think that the death penalty would prevent crime in your country? Why or why not?
4. Do you think that more technology should be used to keep your city safe?

Sitting May be Dangerous for your Health

C1 – Advanced

Sitting on an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause lower back pain or worsen an existing back problem. What else are the other effects?

Read the article below to know more about the consequences of sitting for too long.

Sitting may be dangerous for your health


1. How long do you usually sit everyday?
2. What changes in your body do you notice from sitting for prolonged periods of time?
3. What can you do to curb the amount of time you spend on the chair?

Men Taking their Wives’ Names


C1 – Advanced

What’s in a name?  Some traditions and culture call for women taking their husband’s name immediately after getting married. But there’s a trend happening when it comes to changing names. Is it really new or is it just popularized by celebrities?

Read on to find out why.

A new wedding trend? The men taking their wives’ names


1. How do you feel about this trend of men taking their wife’s surname?
2. Do you know anyone who has adapted this practice?
3. What is the custom in your country when it comes to taking names?

Overcome Emotional Sensitivity


B2 – Upper intermediate

Being emotional or sensitive can sometimes be seen as a weakness. Contradictory to popular belief, it is healthy to be emotionally sensitive.  It is, however, important to find the balance with your emotions to avoid over-reaction.

Read the article below to know the details in overcoming sensitivity. The article is divided into three parts. Feel free to read it in parts.

How to Overcome Emotional Sensitivity


1. Would you consider yourself quite sensitive?
2. How do you react to negative situations?
3. Do you practice any of the suggestions mentioned in the article (journaling, self assessment, meditation)?


How Music Helps Our Emotions

C1 – Advanced

Music and emotions usually go hand in hand. We listen to music to feel happy or we listen to a happy song because we are happy.

Read the article below to know more about the link between music and emotions.

How Music Impacts, Helps Our Emotions


1. What kinds of music do you enjoy listening to?
2. Do you use music as some sort of coping mechanism?
3. Was there a stage in your life wherein you listened to a specific music genre?


Should You Have the Right to Die?


B2 – Upper intermediate

The topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide get a lot of media attention. Only a few countries around the world permit assisted suicide and many other governments with laws against the practice prefer not to take the issue to court.

Read the article below to find out the stories of some people who are fighting for their right to die. Watch the short video of Brittany Maynard as well.

Should You Have the Right to Die?


1. What is your initial reaction to assisted suicide?
2. Should doctors help patients kill themselves?
3. Does your government have any laws related to this issue?

Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth

B2 – Upper intermediate

A shelter in Washington, D.C. will be housing homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. For many, this will be their road to rehabilitation and independence.

Watch the video then read the article to know more about Casa Ruby and how it is helping the LGBT youth.

Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth Opens in Washington


1. Would you know if your country has the same provision for LGBT youth?
2. How widespread is LGBT in your country?
3. What is your viewpoint on this matter? Do you think people from LGBT communities in your country are well taken care of?

Video: Women Jockeys – Horse Racing

B2 – Upper intermediate

In horse racing, it’s very common to see men as the riders and women as spectators. Not in Maryland. Pimlico racetrack now features female riders.

Watch this video and learn how women are coping in a predominantly male sport.

VOA TV – Women Jockeys – Horse Racing


1. How do you feel about gender equality when it comes to sport?
2. Do you think that gender matters when it comes to being good at a sport?
3. Have you ever been to a horse race before?

Decoding Caitlyn Jenner’s Name


C2 – Proficient

From the time Caitlyn Jenner came out on the Vanity Fair cover, people have been continuously curious about her and her new life. She has attracted a lot of people all over the world for her bold transformation.

Read the article below to know more about the details of her name and her transformation.

Decoding Caitlyn Jenner’s new name, look


1. To begin with, what do you know about Bruce Jenner?
2. How did you react when news of Jenner’s transformation became public?
3. How socially accepted are the members of LGBT in your country? Set some examples.