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People Spend Half the Day Daydreaming

B1 – Intermediate

A study shows that many people spend half the day daydreaming or have their minds wander instead of concentrating on what they are doing. Most of those who daydream are the ones not happy at the moment like those who are working.

People Spend Half the Day Daydreaming


1. Do you believe that there is a connection between daydreaming and unhappiness or happiness?
2. Do you sometimes catch yourself daydreaming?
3. How do you manage to stay focus on what you are doing?

The Chocolate Capital of the World

B1 – Intermediate

Chocolates! One of the most famous desserts and confectionery known to man. So just how famous is chocolate in Belgium? Read on and be ready to talk about some of your cocoa favourites.

Brussels – Chocolate Capital of the World


1. Do you like chocolates? What are some of your favourites?
2. Traditionally, how do people in your country take chocolate?
3. What are some of the products that your country famously export?
4. Aside from chocolates, what other types of sweets do you enjoy?

World’s First Bionic Eye

B2 – Upper intermediate

Most of us are born with good eye sight and sadly take it for granted. Read about Ray Flynn and the extraordinary second chance he had to see life in a different light.

Feel free to work on the different activities below the article with your next teacher.

Man gets world’s first bionic eye


1. Talk about and describe some of the medical breakthroughs that you know of.
2. Have you had an operation before?
3. What medical operations do you think should be free to help citizens in your country?

Capture Life in Your Soul


C2 – Proficient

Whenever you have a holiday coming up, step back and contemplate on this: Will I be taking pictures of every single detail of my trip then upload them instantly on my social media? Or Will I take the time to appreciate the beauty that is in front of me?

At some point we are all guilty of just clicking away on our cameras. Read the article below then express your thoughts.

Capture Life in Your Soul — Not Your Smartphone


1. Do you agree that taking photos prevents us from fully enjoying the moment?
2. Do you think social media has a lot to do with this habit of taking a photo of everything?
3. Can you imagine disconnecting from social media for a year?
4. How do you get to fully enjoy your vacations or adventures to the fullest?

A Tattoo Done on Holiday

C1 – Advanced

The BBC recently interviewed a young man who spent a holiday with friends. Rather than post photos on social media to commemorate the event, he decided to get a tattoo done on one of his legs.  What was it a tattoo of? It’s not what you’d expect.

Read about Banjo, then share your opinion regarding the questions below.

‘I got a tattoo done of 17 mates’ names on holiday’


1. What do you think about tattoos?
2. What can you say about Banjo’s choice of tattoo?
3. Should the decision to get a tattoo be taken lightly, or should it be given serious thought?

Best Food Markets in Madrid


C1 – Advanced

Food markets have been a buzz for some years now and Madrid’s Mercado San Miguel is one of them.

Read the article and watch the video then be ready to talk about the beauty of food markets.

Best Food Markets in Madrid, Spain – Fresh Fish, Meat, Veggies and Cafes

Let’s Discuss!

1. According to the video, what are some of the “services” that the Mercado San Miguel offer as a food market?
2. What are some of the food markets that you’ve been to? Where do you usually shop for food?
3. Share some of your favourite traditional food or dishes.

Why Did Singapore Ban Gum?

B2 – Upper intermediate

Selling and Chewing gums is prohibited in Singapore. Do you want to find out why? Listen to the podcast carefully then express your thoughts about it.

Why did Singapore ban gum?


1. What do you think of Singapore banning chewing gums?
2. Would you like gums to be prohibited in your country just like in Singapore?
3. What other bad / antisocial habits do you wish to be prohibited in your country?

An Interview With Italian Street Artist Millo

o-MILLO2-900C1 – Advanced

Street art has evolved from the usual graffiti to full scale city murals.

Read the article and get to know artist  Francesco Camillo Giorgino and his works. Also, take note of new expressions or vocabularies you’d like to discuss.

An Interview With Italian Street Artist Millo: ‘My Characters Are The Purest Part Of Me’

Let’s Discuss!

1. According to the article, explain what the artist loves about street art. What was his background?
2. What do you think of Millo’s art? Is this something that you have in your city?
3. What kind of art do you prefer?

Pop Music Can Be Good for You


C1 – Advanced

At one point in our lives we’ve been guilty of liking a song that was just too mainstream pop. We’ve secretly danced to Backstreet Boys and sang along to Britney Spears.

Watch the the video then read the article to get an understanding of the psychology behind music.

Newsbeat explains: Why ‘bad’ pop music can be good for you


1. What kind of music do you secretly enjoy listening to?
2. According to Dr. Williamson, what are the factors that shape our taste in music? Can you add to the doctor’s answers?
3. What is meant by nostalgia? How does it relate to a person’s music choices?

The Ice Bucket Challenge Years After

C1 – Advanced

In the summer of 2014, one guy posted a video of himself pouring a bucket of ice water over his head to support ALS and other causes. Then his friends decided to do it as well. In total, more than 17M people took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ever wondered what happened to the money the supporters donated? Watch the video then read the article to get an update on the ALS research.

One year later, your ALS Ice Bucket money goes to …


1. What do you know about ALS?
2. What did you think about the Ice Bucket Challenge?
3. If you could support a research or an organization, what would it be?