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Video: Japanese Troops Set to Fight

_84300092_84300091C1 – Advanced

The Japanese people are taking their frustrations to the streets. But what exactly are they fighting for?

Watch the video and be ready to discuss the issue that Japan is facing.

Japanese troops set to fight overseas for first time since World War Two


1. In your own words, explain what the Japanese people in the video are against.
2. What do you think are the fears that the Japanese protesters are facing?
3. Would you say that the troops in your country are ready to fight in case the need arises?
4. In your country, how do citizens express their thoughts and negative reactions?

A Tool to Rid Internet of Child Porn


B2 – Upper intermediate

How safe are you and your children when using the Internet?
Read the article and get to know the software PhotoDNA.

Microsoft launches tool to rid Internet of child porn


1. Is internet safety something that you are concerned about?
2. What do you think is the role of the parents when it comes to children and their Internet usage?

Video: America’s Shrinking Homes

C1 – Advanced

America is the place where everything is big – from food portions to super skyscrapers and warehouse stores. “Small” is the last word one associates with the US. Surprisingly, however, it was in this very land of everything mega that the tiny house movement was born.

Watch the video and learn more about the minimalist lifestyle that has made some people move from big houses to whimsical dollhouse-type homes.

America’s shrinking homes


1. According to the video, why are there more and more people joining the tiny house movement?
2. In your country, what did people do to adjust when the economic crisis hit? Did people start selling their homes?
3. Is it usual for people to live in big houses in your country?
4. Describe your ideal house.

Top 50 Job Interview Questions


Job Interview – B2 – Upper intermediate

Getting ready for an interview? This article will give you tips on how to answer top interview questions.

Read on and be ready to have a speaking activity. You’ll be able to practice by answering some of the featured questions during the discussion.

Top 50 Job Interview Questions


1. Have you had an all-English job interview?
2. What do you think are the questions that are difficult to answer?

Signs You Were Born and Raised in Spain


B2 – Upper intermediate

Are you a true-blue Espanol? Read the article and see which among the cultural quirks you can identify with. Be ready to debunk the myths, explain the idiosyncrasies, and add what you think is missing from the list.

15 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Spain


1. Which ones do you practice? Which ones are not true for you?
2. Do you think you can add more to the list?
3. What do you think is the history behind some of the mentioned practices?

Pig Hearts Transplanted into Humans


C1 – Advanced

A team of scientists who’ve successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig’s heart into a baboon is hoping someday to do the same procedure for human patients desperately in need of replacement organs.

Read the following article then be prepared to answer some discussion questions.

Pig hearts could be transplanted into humans after baboon success


1. According to the text, what are the risks of xenotransplantation, or transplantation using an animal organ?
2. What are the scientists doing to address these risks?
3. Is it right to alter an animal’s genome for the purpose of using its organs for human patients?

Vocabulary: Food – Different categories

Couple drinking beverage 00

A1 – Beginner

This page will show you the different English terms of food. From fruits and vegetables to spices and seasonings.

Click on each food category and familiarize yourself with the different terms. Be ready to use some of the words during the speaking exercise.


Food Vocabulary: Different Categories


1. Do you like to cook? Which ingredients do you often use when you cook?
2. What are your preferences when it comes to eating bread?
3. Which type of you meat do you prefer?

Starbucks is Hiking Prices, Again

150508124305-starbucks-coffee-ethos-780x439C1 – Advanced

Does it really matter when prices go up 5 to 20 cents more? 

Like any business, Starbucks has the power to raise its prices. Read the article and watch the video to learn how Starbucks is doing in the marketplace.

Starbucks is hiking prices, again


1. Is Starbucks popular in your country? What are the other big coffee chains or coffee bars that are doing well in your country?
2. Why do people keep on coming back to Starbucks despite the price increase?
3. According to the article, where does Starbucks put its money?

Vocabulary: Basic Food and Drinks


A1 – Beginner

This resource will help increase your vocabulary when talking about basic food and drinks.

Read and listen to the different English terms for basic food and drinks and be ready to use them during the speaking exercise.

Basic Food and Drinks


1. What do you usually drink in the morning for breakfast? Are you a coffee or tea drinker?
2. What fruits do you enjoy eating?
3. What are the vegetables you least like or don’t like too much?

Festival of the Sun


B1 – Intermediate

Every culture has a different way of celebrating certain events. Christmas in Spain might be celebrated differently from Christmas in South Korea.

Read the article and watch the video to learn how Peru celebrates the Festival of the Sun.

Festival of the Sun


1. Describe how Peruvians commemorate or celebrate the Festival of the Sun.
2. Describe how traditional or religious festivals are observed in your country. Which ones do you participate in?
3. What other traditional festivities do you know of?