Turkey Allows Schools to Teach Kurdish

B2 – Upper intermediate

Minority groups all over the world are given their rights and privileges. But how far is a government willing to go to make them feel part of the society?

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts by answering the discussion questions.

Turkey allows schools to teach Kurdish


1. What is the importance of allowing Kurdish to be taught in schools in Turkey? How significant is it?
2. What are the different minority groups in your country?
3. Is your country fair in giving rights to citizens belonging to minority groups?

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One thought on “Turkey Allows Schools to Teach Kurdish

  1. DanielR.


    I don’t know exactly the problem between the different parties in Turkey (and even less 10 years ago), but I think that if the languages aren’t related to terrorism or something similar, the goverment should give them the necessary importance, because all them (even minorities) compose the culture of a country.

    In all countries we can find different and historical languages (and not officials) and we must preserve them, because they provide part of the richness of their culture. In my country there’s a wide mixture of cultures and minorities, with traditions and ways of thinking, and in general if they aren’t dangerous for the country and don’t promote a bad convivence between citizens, why don’t allow them?

    Nowadays, I don’t know exactly if the goverment is banning or not this movements, but I think that here (as in other countries) they are more or less free to follow their beliefs.

    Bye, bye!!


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