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Censorship and Freedom of Speech


B2 – Upper intermediate

The world was shocked  when a Paris publication was attacked and resulted in the death of 12 people. This particular event leads a debate towards freedom of speech.

Hollande Vows to Protect All Faiths; Muslims Protest Hebdo Reprinting


1. What is your opinion about freedom of speech?
2. Is it dangerous to be aggressive when you are a member of the press?
3. How do limits play a role in freedom of expression?

‘Foodini’ the Food Printer


C1 – Advanced

Lazy old days won’t be the same once you have a 3D printer that will just give you what you are craving for. ‘Foodini’ is an innovative machine that will print real food without taking your time preparing it. It was introduced by Natural Machines.

‘Foodini’ machine lets you print edible burgers, pizza, chocolate


1. Would you like to taste food straight from your printer?
2. Do you think food items processed by ‘Foodini’ are healthy?
3. Will this machine be a helpful one? Is it worth buying, especially when it costs top dollar?
4. If you could invent something related to food, what would it be?
5. What are some of the food inventions that you truly enjoy or would like to try? (Click title have an idea: Food Inventions)

Defeating Old Age and “Solving” Death

<> on July 13, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

C2 – Proficient

Will humankind be able to fight aging and untangle death? Google started a new medical company called Calico that aims to prolong life.

How Google’s Calico aims to fight aging and ‘solve death’


1. Do you think Google will succeed?
2. Have you ever thought of living for more than a hundred years?
3. Can you imagine how life would be when you are over the age limit of humanity?
4. In your country is there an increasing number of elderly people?
5. In your own little way, how would you prolong your life?

Bridging the Technology Gap

B1 – Intermediate

We are in the high technology age. Technical devices get upgraded almost every time.

However, did we consider those people still living in the past? If they have the same knowledge of technology as the people of this generation?

This article contains a video and an audio clip. Feel free to to watch and listen.

Teens Help Seniors Bridge Technology Gap


1. Should we consider this gap a social issue?
2. Is it easy to bridge this gap between your own grandparents or older parents?
3. In your household, is everyone very knowledgeable when it comes to tech gadgets and devices?
4. What domestic appliances do you have that are very modern?


Dealing with procrastination

C1 – Advanced

Procrastination is nothing new to us. This article explores how procrastination plays a role in our lives.

Be ready to explain some idiomatic expressions included in this article. You’ll be using them in sentences as part of your exercise.

Overcoming Procrastination


1. How do you view procrastination?
2. Do you agree with the article? Are there some points you disagree on?
3. How do you fight procrastination?


Learning Languages Boosts our Brain

B2 – Upper intermediate

Do you worry about getting old? Our memory naturally deteriorates. There are different studies conducted by different organizations that show how languages shape the way we think.

Your Mind on Language: How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain


1. Do you think learning another language would make your brain healthier?
2. How would you describe your experience in learning English?
3. What other languages can you speak? What else would you like to learn?
4. What other activities do you think are good for the brain?

The Six Secrets of Self-Control

C1 – Advanced

Do you have the habit of checking your phone all the time, even when it’s not necessary? Are you an impulsive person who just can’t resist buying when there’s a sale? Our self-control is always on the line.

Click on the title below and read the article to know more about self-control.

The Six Secrets of Self-Control


1. Explain the 6 secrets of self-control.
2. Which ones do you practice? Do you agree with all of them?
3. Would you say that self-control is your strength?
4. When was the last time that you had to practice self-control?

What is the Point of College?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Nowadays, people with college degrees are going through a tough time finding a job they like. Is getting a degree worth it? Or is it becoming to be a waste of time?

Read the article to know the benefits of getting a college education. Prepare to express your thoughts.

What’s the Point of College, Really?


1. According to the article, explain the benefits of going to college or university.
2. What is your general opinion of the article?
3. Is your current career related to the degree that you took in college/university?
4. In your country, is it important to get a university education to land a good job?
5. If given the chance, what other fields of education would you study or take up?



C2 – Proficient

Happiness- the quality or state of being happy. We each have our own definition of happiness depending on situations we are in.

Read the article below and know more about the pursuit of happiness.

Make your happy hour right now


1. What makes you happy?
2. What are the components of happiness?
3. Will you consider happiness as a luxury item?

Older People are Better Off than the Young


B2 – Upper intermediate

Each generation has its own unique qualities. Read the article to learn why, in the present time, it seems that the older generation are richer than the younger ones.

Make a list of words and expressions that you would like to discuss.

It’s only fair that older people are better off than the young. They’ve earned it.


1. In your own words, explain what the article is saying about the older generation.
2. Have you thought of retirement?
3. How secure are the older generation in your country when it comes to pension and state benefits?