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Dutch towns tell tourists how to behave

B1 – Lower Intermediate

It is often said that tourism can either be a boon or bane to a city or country.

Seems as though this little old Dutch town’s villagers have had enough of how touristic their village is.

Dutch towns tell tourists how to behave

Let’s talk!
1. Describe Old Holland and how locals live there.
2. What are the rules they talked about with local tour companies and what do you think about them? What rules for tourists would you add?
3. What responsibilities do you think tourists have?
4. What kind of bad behavior have you observed tourists have when they visit your city/country?

Egg Freezing Perk for Female Employees

B1 – Lower Intermediate

Apple and Facebook are among the biggest tech firms known for giving their employees, some might call, “awesome” work perks.

Recently, some companies decided they will provide financial assistance to their female staff should they opt to go for egg-freezing in their 20s or 30s.

Read more on egg freezing perk through this article:

Egg freezing Perk for Female Employees

Let’s talk!
1. What do you think of this perk?
2. What are your thoughts on this statement: “When [IVF] is done purely to protect their job, I think it’s extraordinary that women think this is liberating.”?
3. What unique perks are given to employees at your company?
4. What perks do you want your company to start giving out to its employeeS?
5. What do you think is the best age to start having children. Tell some reasons why.

Ageism at Work

© via The Guardian

B2 – Upper Intermediate

A newbie does not have enough experience. A senior colleague is not technology illiterate. These are some common assumptions and generalizations we sometimes make based on a person’s age.

Ageism exists in the workplace. Are we supposed to just shrugged it all off?

Click on the link below to read more on Ageism at Work:

Ageism at Work


1.What are the negative effects of ageism on an individual?
2. What might be the positive impact of it?
3. Does ageism exist in the workplace in your company and/or country?
4. Talk about a situation when you witnessed ageism happening.
5. What is your stand on this: “this [ageism] isn’t just an issue young people face.“?

Wildlife Travel Agent Drops Zoo Trips

© via BBC

B2 – Upper intermediate

Going on package tours sound really interesting. However, if these trips include activities that endanger animals and violate their rights, is it still worth it?

A travel agent in Brighton is changing things by adapting “responsible tourism”. To read more about this, click the link below:

Wildlife travel agent drops zoo trips

1. What is ‘responsible tourism’? What are your thoughts on this?
2. Do you agree or disagree that “keeping animals in zoos is inhumane”?
3. Why is it important to protect animals and their rights too?
4. Have you ever gone on a package tour? Kindly talk more about it.
5. What are the pros and cons of going on package tours?

The Firm that Starts Work at 9.06am

© via BBC

B2 – Upper intermediate

Most employees consider having flexible work hours a perk. At Pivotal Software, they require their employees to clock in at exactly 9:06 in the morning.

Curious to know why? Click on the link below to read more about this unusual work rule.

The firm that starts work at 9.06am


1. Why are employees at Pivotal Software required to report to work at exactly 9:06 AM?
2. What do you think of this idea?
3. Would you like such rule to be implemented in your company? Why or why not?
4. Describe your work hours and your typical work day.
5. What are the things that you do to increase your productivity at work?

Test 219

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Math Anxiety

C1 – Advanced

Do you feel very worried when dealing with anything related to mathematics? If your answer is yes, keep this in mind: “anxiety is not a reflection of your ability”.

Watch this Ted-Ed video and learn more about mathematical anxiety, what causes it and what the best ways are to deal with it:


Let’s talk:
1. Explain the concept “growth mindset”. Do you agree with this?
2. What can you do when you suffer from math anxiety?
3. What problems did you have in math and how were you able to conquer it?
4. Are boys innately better at math than girls?
5. What were your best and weakest subjects when you were a student? Why do you think that is?