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Test 223

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A Day Without Internet

B2 – Upper Intermediate

We are living an “always-connected lifestyle”. This means that we are constantly connected to the internet. With this level of dependency, try to imagine a day without it.

Read the article and find out what it would be like if the internet would be shut down for one day.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think would happen if the internet stopped for a day? According to the article, what would happen if the internet stopped for a day?
2. How much do you use the internet?
3. What uses do you have for it?
4. What may be the advantages and disadvantages of a “kill switch”?
5. What do you do alternatively when you’re not online?

Blind Cambridge Law Degree Holder

B1 – Intermediate

You really don’t have to subscribe to the life that was written for you.
– Allan Hennessy

He is not your ordinary guy. Mediocrity is not the way to describe him. Disability did not overtake his life.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Allan Hennessy’s life.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe Allan Hennessy.
2. What are his challenges and how did he overcome them?
3. What is his life story about?
4. What lessons did you learn from his life?
5. Have you ever broken free from labels and stereotypes?

Skills Best Sales Managers Possess

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Most of the times, companies reward their top sales people by promoting them as managers. Do excellent salespeople necessarily become good managers?

Look at three skills all best sales managers have through this article:

Let’s talk:

1. Why is important for managers to have the said skills?
2. What other traits do you associate with great managers?
3. What is the worst trait you’ve experienced?
4. Talk about a situation where the team failed, how did you/your team/your manager handle it?
5. Do you think anyone who is excellent at his job can be a leader?

Tackling Remote Work Challenges

© Trello

B2 – Upper Intermediate

The world is changing along with the way we live and work. Working remotely is one work styles that is becoming a trend in the workplace nowadays. With teleworking becoming more and more popular these days, it is important to note the good and bad things about it and to know how to deal with them so telecommuting becomes advantageous and satisfying to a person who works from home.

Lift the lid on the joys and struggles of being a home-based worker.

Let’s talk:

1. What are some challenges that teleworkers face and what are ways to cope with them?

2. How do you view telecommuting?

3. How would you feel about working remotely on a regular basis?

4. Do you think everyone should be given the option to telework?

5. What other workplace trends are becoming popular in your country?

Instant Gratification in Marketing

C1 – Advanced

Humans are naturally inclined to have desires for things. In the business setting, whoever provides these desires in the best way and timely manner possible, gets ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, instant gratification can offer a wide array of benefits for digital marketers.

Get a deeper understanding of instant gratification, how it works to a company’s advantage in marketing, and ways to provide it to customers.

Discussion Questions:

1. Explain why people expect immediate responses now.

2. What are your thoughts on the ideas presented in this article?

3. What are some other ways to handle customer’s desire for instant gratification?

4. Does the company you work for use instant gratification? In what ways?

5. Do you agree that instant gratification provides benefits for businesses?

Strike at the Bank of England





© Bank of England

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Employees are going on a strike. They have decided to demand a pay increase from the Bank of England. Getting very little to no rise in their salary means workers have to constantly make ends meet.

Find out more about the current situation that the Bank’s staff have to face and what led them to make the said decision.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think are the good and bad things about being a bank worker?

2. Do you think good pay is the most important requirement in a job? Tell few reasons why.

3. Talk about what you know about the pay rise system in your country.

4. What are the usual reasons workers union go on strikes in your country?

5. Do you believe strikes should be made illegal?

Ways the Rich Signal Their Wealth

C1 – Advanced

Long time ago, corsets and silver spoons symbolized high social position. In the modern times, more middle-class people can go on fancy vacations and afford luxury bags too. The challenge for the super rich is to look for ways to set them apart in terms of their elite social status.

Read this article to find out how the elites mark their social position.

Discussion Questions:

1. According to this article, how are the rich establishing their status now?
2. What are your thoughts on conspicuous and inconspicuous consumption?
3. Why do you think the super rich are spending less on material goods and the middle-income groups are going on the opposite direction?

Trendy Names for Vegetables

© Vancouver Sun

B1 – Lower Intermediate

They are good for our bodies. They are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients but low in fat and calories. They are a good source of fiber. Vegetables -or fondly called veggies- are key to a healthy diet. However, there are many people who despise them.

Find out how we can make eating vegetables more enticing.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think of this idea? Why do you think it’s effective?
2. What are the benefits of eating vegetables?
3. How can we get people to eat more vegetables?
4. Do labels affect your perception of a dish?