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Habits That Will Improve Your Life


B2 – Upper intermediate

One popular proverb you’ve probably heard is the one that goes, “Change is the only constant thing in this world”.

Read on for some ways to start bringing in that change you’ve been meaning to see in your life.

10 Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life

1. What are some changes you’d like to make in your life? And why are these changes crucial to you?
2. Which habit/s from the list would you likely adapt?
3. What are your thoughts on “going out of one’s comfort zone?”

Guyana Tribe Goes Hi-Tech


B2 – Upper intermediate

Perhaps never in our wildest imagination would we associate the jungle with cutting-edge technology. The Wai-wais, members of the smallest tribe in South America, are defying technology barriers in order to continue being the stewards of the rainforests in this nation.

Guyana tribe goes hi-tech to protect its land


1. Why is it necessary for the Wai-wais to learn the use of technology?
2. What do you think of this drastic change? How would this impact their old way of life?
3. Are there any tribes/indigenous groups in your country? Share what you know about them.

Small American Towns at Night


B2 – Upper intermediate

When the night falls, some cities transform into something else.

Take a look at some photographs capturing nocturnal sights in some small American towns.

Small American Towns at Night


1. Choose one photo from the series of photographs in this article. Describe it and explain why you chose it.
2. How would you differentiate the night time views in small towns and big cities?
3. How is night time like in the city that you live in? How is the atmosphere different during the day?
4. What might be the good and bad things about night time in small towns and big cities?

Test 201

Es necesario estar registrado en phone english para realizar este test. Si tu nombre no aparece en el campo debes loguearte aqui. El test tiene una duración de 10 minutos como máximo y una vez iniciado el tiempo no se puede detener. Haga click en Start Quiz! para iniciar.


This quiz must be completed in 10 minutes.

Aid Given in Cash


B2 – Upper Intermediate

Some people are hesitant in giving money to charities as they are doubtful whether their donations would be used efficiently.

In Kenya, charitable organizations are trying out a new way of helping through direct cash transfers, letting the recipients spend the money however they wish to.

Read more on this here:

What happens when aid is given as direct cash transfers?

1. How did Joseph Ombimbo Nyakwaka spend the money he received?
2. What are the positive things about direct cash transfers in donating?
3. What are the criticisms on this method of giving?
4. Imagine receiving $1000 and you can spend it however you want. How would you like to spend it?

Pronunciation: Silent letters

B1 – Lower Intermediate – Pronunciation Lesson

A silent letter is the letter in a word that is left not pronounced. Did you know that about 60% of English words has silent letter in them?

Go over this list of silent letters and few sample words. Make sure to practice pronouncing each word.


A – artistically, logically, musically, romantically, stoically

B – comb, climb, debt, plumber, tomb, subtle, dumb, bomb, doubt, , numb, subpoena, thumb, womb.

C – acquire, acquit, blackguard, Connecticut, czar, muscle, scissors, victual

CH – yacht

D – handkerchief, Wednesday Wednesday (commonly said Wens-day)

E – plaque. vegetable (veg’tab’I), bridge, clothes. When on the end of a word, it changes the pronunciation of the word, but the -e is silent.

F – halfpenny

G – align, alight, champagne, diaphragm, gnash, gnaw, high, light,reign, though

GH – right, drought, eight, weigh

H – choir, hour, honour, honest, herb, rhyme, rhythm, thyme, Thailand

I – business, parliament

J – (NONE)

K – blackguard.

KN -words, the k is silent: know, knot, knee, knife, knight, knock.

L – calm, folk, salmon, talk, walk, could, should, would, folk, half, calf.

M – mnemonic.

N – autumn, chimney, column, damn, damn, government, solemn.

O- colonel, sophomore, opossum

P – corps, coup, cupboard, pneumonia, psalm, raspberry, receipt, coup

Q – (NONE)

R – butter, finger, surprise

S – aisle, island, debris, isle, patios, viscount.

T – beret, Chevrolet, depot, listen, whistle, wrestle, trestle, mortgage, apostle

(When talking fast, the t is very lightly pronounced in words like Christmas, mountain and little)

TH – asthma, isthmus, north, Easter

W – who, whole, write, wrong, two, sword, wrist, answer

X – faux

Y – (NONE)

Z – rendezvous

9 – sign, gnat, gnu, foreign


1. Practice reading the words in the list above with your Phone English teachers.
2. Come up with your own list of words with silent letters from A to Z. Then practice pronouncing the words.
3. Use the listed words in sentences to practice your pronunciation and sentence construction.

App Targets Fake ‘Made in Italy’ Labels


B2 – Upper Intermediate

Have you ever seen or bought products that looked genuine but they really aren’t? There’s an a mobile app that helps you spot fraudulent Italian products.

Read more about this app and how it works and what it can do.

Smartphone app targets fake ‘made in Italy’ labels


1. What do you think about this app? What other features would you add to it?
2. How prevalent is counterfeiting in your country?
3. Is it really possible to lessen the spread and sale of counterfeit items?
4. Are you guilty of buying counterfeit items such as shoes, bags or clothes?

Swiss Army to Accept Overweight Recruits


B2 – Upper Intermediate

The Swiss Members of Parliament is hoping to increase the number of military service recruits in their country.

Find out more how they are going to do it through this BBC article:

Calls for Swiss army to accept overweight recruits


1. What are your thoughts on this proposal?
2. How would you feel about mandatory military service in your country?
3. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of doing military service?