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Ways To Make Any Workout Feel Easier

C1 – Advanced

Having a fitness regimen means committing yourself to a series of activities that can be done with regularity. Some might start hitting the gym, start having a diet plan, but most fail when it comes to consistency.

In this topic, we are going to discover some ways to make any work-out feel easier.

15 Science-Backed Ways To Make Any Workout Feel Easier


1. Do you exercise? If yes, how often?
2. What other activities do you do to stay fit?
3. How else can we motivate ourselves to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle?
4. How would you describe your diet?

Lower Your Stress Levels


B2 – Upper intermediate

Stress is inevitable. We’ve got small ones and big ones.

Read the article below to know some ways we can deal with stress on a daily basis. Express your thoughts afterwards.

5 Changes That Will Immediately Lower Your Stress Levels


1. Do you agree with the changes mentioned in the article?
2. Which ones do you practice daily?
3. Can you think of other ways we can face daily challenges?
4. What activities do you like to do to relax yourself?
5. What are some of your favourite hobbies?

Trick For Remembering Someone’s Name

B2 – Upper intermediate

In a room filled with people whom you have to speak to, it can be such a challenge to remember everyone’s name. The article below will give you an interesting tip on recalling someone’s name. Perhaps something you can use at the next party.

A Scientifically Proven Trick For Remembering Someone’s Name


1. According to the article, what’s a good way to remember names?
2. How good are you at remembering?
3. What are some of the things you do to help remember events and birthdays?

Thoughts You Deserve to Let Go Of


B2 – Upper intermediate

Rachael Yahne shares an interesting advice on how to live a life that is not littered with negativity. Read the article below and share your thoughts afterwards.

8 Toxic Thoughts You Deserve to Let Go Of


1. Do you agree with the points that the author discussed?
2. How do you combat negativity?
3. What are some of the things in life that you wish to change?

Poverty In A Rich World

B2 – Upper intermediate

We are living in a wealthier world. The number of people living in extreme poverty has halved in recent decades. More people own cars and mobile phones. But why do we still see poverty?

Listen to the podcast then be ready to answer some discussion questions.

Poverty in a rich world


1. Is poverty a big issue in your country?
2. Would you say that there is a big gap in Spain between the rich and the poor?
3. Are you able to see your taxes at work?
4. What are ways for government to solve poverty?

Are Models Too Skinny?

B2 – Upper intermediate

Should skinny – or very thin – models be stopped from working on the catwalk? We’ve accepted the norm of fashion models to have very slim and slender figures.

Listen to this podcast on how thin is too thin for catwalk models then express your thoughts.

Are models too skinny?


1. Summarize the discussion about skinny models.
2. Do you think that agencies should be responsible for their models?
3. Do very skinny models really give out a negative impression on children and young adults?
4. How would the fashion industry change if female models were not as skinny?

Overcome Emotional Sensitivity


B2 – Upper intermediate

Being emotional or sensitive can sometimes be seen as a weakness. Contradictory to popular belief, it is healthy to be emotionally sensitive.  It is, however, important to find the balance with your emotions to avoid over-reaction.

Read the article below to know the details in overcoming sensitivity. The article is divided into three parts. Feel free to read it in parts.

How to Overcome Emotional Sensitivity


1. Would you consider yourself quite sensitive?
2. How do you react to negative situations?
3. Do you practice any of the suggestions mentioned in the article (journaling, self assessment, meditation)?


How Music Helps Our Emotions

C1 – Advanced

Music and emotions usually go hand in hand. We listen to music to feel happy or we listen to a happy song because we are happy.

Read the article below to know more about the link between music and emotions.

How Music Impacts, Helps Our Emotions


1. What kinds of music do you enjoy listening to?
2. Do you use music as some sort of coping mechanism?
3. Was there a stage in your life wherein you listened to a specific music genre?


Staying Healthy in Summer

B2 – Upper intermediate

Summer weather has been getting warmer and warmer. It is important that you keep healthy in the middle of an unforgiving high temperature.

Below are some tips in order to beat the heat. Go through them one by one and share some of your ideas in keeping cool.

10 Tips For Staying Healthy In Summer


1. Do you like summer? What do you like about it?
2. Which of the tips in the article do you practice?
3. What activities do you usually do in summer?
4. Have you travelled to a place with a cooler climate during the summer to escape the heat of your city?


For a Woman’s Wardrobe


B2 – Upper intermediate

Whether there’s a sale or none, women, and sometimes men, are inclined to shop to update their wardrobe.

Below is an article written especially for women to help them know the fashion staples.



10 must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe


1. What are your preferences when it comes to clothes and fashion?
2. What are some of your favourite clothes in your closet?
3. Which are the brands you often buy?
4. Do you buy clothes and shoes online or do you prefer going to a brick-and-mortar store?