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A Permanent Vacation


B2 – Upper intermediate

Have you ever been on a holiday and just fell in love with the place that you started contemplating on not leaving?

If it sounds crazy or incredible, it doesn’t have to be. For some, packing up their lives and moving to a dream destination has become a reality.

A Permanent Vacation


1. If you were to go on a holiday now, where would you want to go? Where is your dream destination?
2. Would you ever consider packing up and leaving your current career to go on a permanent vacation in your dream destination?
3. Have you experienced living in another country for at least a year?

Video: How to Stay Focused at Work

C1 – Advanced

Whether you are a simple employee, a manager or a company owner, you  need to stay focused on your job to be continuously productive. However, there’s almost always something that may distract you and could affect your performance at work.

In the link below, CEO’s of different companies share how they stay focused on their job.

How to stay focused at work when you’re the boss


1. How do you stay focused at what you do?
2. How do you deal with distractions at work?
3. How do you keep your energy and motivation?
4. For you, what would be the best working conditions to achieve optimum results?

Young, Unemployed & Stressed

B1 – Intermediate

Unemployment has become a problem for many countries, especially after the economic crisis started. It has affected many, especially young people. As a result, more people are also experiencing stress and anxiety, possibly even depression.

Read the short article below to  know more about the topic.

Unemployed Young People are the Most Stressed


1. What can you say about the issue of unemployment?
2. Are there many unemployed in your country?
3. What would you do if you were unemployed?
4. Do you ever feel anxious about everyday situations?


‘Safer GMOs’ made by US scientists


B2 – Upper intermediate

The use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) has been around for years and yet the issue of whether it is safe or not has not yet been fully concluded. Because of that, there are groups and individuals who are against the use of GMO in consumer products.

‘Safer GMOs’ made by US scientists


1. What is your stand on this issue?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of GMO?
3. The article talks about new and “safer” GMO. Do you think it is a better option? Why or why not?


Gadgets in School as Educational Tools


C1 – Advanced

The use of tablet and iPads in schools are nothing new. But is it really effective? Read the article below to know more about how technology can be effective in schools.

Should schools gorge on gadgets?


1. How do you feel about young children using tablets and laptops in learning their ABC’s and 123’s?
2. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using such technology in the classroom?

8 Foods to Avoid Bad Breath


C2 – Proficient

We all have different preferences, especially when it comes to food. Depending on one’s location and culture, the list of choices one can have is virtually endless.

Here are some of the world’s worst, when it comes to its foul breath-inducing properties, according to science.



1. Did your favorite food/ingredient make the list?
2. What are your favorite types of food?
3. Describe some of the best meals you’ve ever had.

London: The Divorce Capital of the World

DV117922  London Views

C1 – Advanced

Divorce is becoming very common these days. Many couples are deciding to split for a lot of different reasons.

Click on the link below to view the article:

London: still the divorce capital of the world


1. What is your stand in this issue?
2. In your own words, explain what England has in store for those who would like to get a divorce but are financially weak?
3. Are you in favor of divorce or do you believe couples should stay with each other no matter what?
4. Are divorces common in your country?

Korean Air Executive Went Nuts over Nuts


C1 – Advanced

Heather Cho resigned as an executive of Korean Air after a nut incident. She was said to have gone furious at the head steward for serving her macadamia nuts in a packet instead of a plate.

Korean Air executive ‘made steward kneel over nut rage’


1. How do you feel about the said executive’s behavior?
2. Have you ever heard of similarly over-the-top behavior?
3. Some say the pilot could have refused the executive to avoid the delay caused by the incident. If you were in the pilot’s position, what would you have done?
4. If you were in the steward’s shoes what would you have done?

Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career


C1 – Advanced – Business English

Does your job feel like a dead end? It’s easy to look around and blame company politics. But what if the problem is you? Let Jack Welch help you evaluate yourself.

10 Behaviors That Could Kill Your Career


1. Are you guilty of any of these attitudes?
2. What is the danger of over-committing?
3. Do you have colleagues who have a rigid attitude? How do you deal with them?
4. How can we fix or solve complacency?


Illegal Job Interview Questions


Job Interview – B2 – Upper intermediate

Finding a job is hard. But perhaps harder is passing a job interview, especially if competition is tough. Always let a job interview show the best of you and avoid being pressed for unnecessary information about yourself that could lead to discrimination.

Here are some questions that employers may ask applicants that are actually stepping on their boundaries.

Five Illegal Job Interview Questions in the US


1. Share your job interview experiences. What kind of questions were you asked?
2. Has an employer ever made you uncomfortable answering their questions?
3. What was the most outrageous question that you were asked in a job interview?
4. Aside from the questions mentioned above, what questions during job interviews do you think shouldn’t be asked?