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Japan Set For Invisible Trains


B1 – Intermediate

Japan is known for its technological advances. In 2018, the country will be launching its first invisible train.

Read the article below to know how this transport could be invisible. Be ready to practice your speaking skills by talking about transport systems.

Japan Set For Invisible Trains By 2018


1. Describe the train that Kazuyo Sejima designed? Why is it called an invisible train?
2. How would you describe the trains in your country?
3. Have you taken the different trains in Europe? Have you visited other European countries using trains?
4. Would you say that public transportation in your country is very effective? What else could it improve on?

Video: The Euro Turns 15

B1 – Intermediate

The European Union brought on a lot of changes. One of them is the change of currency. 2017 marks the 15th year for the euro currency. Was it a good idea? Will it last for many more years? Click the link below to watch the video and express your thoughts about it.

The Euro Turns 15


1. What did the video say about the challenges of the euro currency?
2. What do you remember about the events in your country when your currency changed to euro?
3. Why do you think the United Kingdom decided to keep the British pound when they joined the EU?
4. What is your opinion of having one currency?

Podcast: Women’s Right to Vote

B2 – Upper intermediate

We have to admit that women’s rights have come a long way. They are now able to hold different important professions, to vote and to study in universities of their choosing.

Listen to the podcast below and be ready to talk about important people and what they have done for their countries. Be ready talk about some of your role models.

Women’s right to vote


1. Who is Emmeline Pankhurst and what is her contribution to society?
2. Who are some of the historically important people in your country? What changes did they make?
3. Would you say that women in your country have a very strong voice?
4. According to the podcast, how did suffragettes behave to get noticed?
5. Who are some of the people you consider as role models?

Podcast: What’s Your Superpower?

B1 – Intermediate

In the past few years the number of superhero films has seemed like it doubled. You’ve got different movies from Marvel and DC Comics left and right. And people just can’t get enough of them.

Click the link below and listen to the podcast about superhero and superhero films. Feel free to listen more than once and to read the transcript as well.

What’s your superpower?


1. How do you feel about superhero films?
2. What are some of the superhero films that you think are actually good?
3. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
4. Do you think such films are good for children? Are they bad for children?
5. Did you read comic books when you were a child? Have you heard of manga comic books?


Speaking Activity: It’s a Small(er) World, After All

B2 – Upper intermediate

What pops in your head when you hear the the term “globalization”? Does it give out a positive vibe or more of a negative connotation?

Click the link below and express your thoughts about globalization and other topics related to it. Be ready to practice your sentence construction during the activity. Be ready to support your answers with an explanation.

It’s a Small(er) World, After All


Speaking Activity: Are You a Health Nut?

B2 – Upper intermediate

“Health is wealth.” “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These are just some famous sayings we have about health. It is no secret that people want have a full life – a healthy life. How do you take care of yours?

Click the link below and answer the different questions related to health. This activity will help practice your sentence construction.

Are You a Health Nut?


The Next Generation of Roads That Talk to Cars

B2 – Upper intermediate

The safety of travellers and drivers on the road have always been a priority. From building better road infrastructure to using technology to ensure a driver’s safety.

Watch the video below to know more of how advanced technology is upping its game when it comes to road safety. Be ready to express your thoughts about it.


1. How do smart-roads work? How can roads communicate with cars?
2. According to the video, what are the benefits of self-driving cars?
3. Which states in the US are already working on smart-roads?
4. What are your thoughts on self-driving cars?
5. Do you think smart-roads will work in your country?

Buckwheat Berry Stripe Cake | Melissa Clark Recipes

C1 – Advanced

This video is meant to practice your listening comprehension. Watch and listen carefully and be ready to answer comprehension questions. You’ll also be able to practice your speaking skills by describing processes.


1. Why does the cook like using buckwheat?
2. Why does the cook prefer using a shallow pan over a deeper one for her cake?
3. According to the video, what does it mean when a cake is a “damp cake”?
4. What did Melissa mean when she used the expressions “…go to town.” and “It’s your canvass.”?
5. Do you enjoy cakes and pastries? What are some of your favourites?
6. Describe a dessert dish that you enjoy making.

What Is Life Really Like In Sweden?

C1 – Advanced

Bike lanes, IKEA and Absolut Vodka. These are what Sweden is famously known for, among others. But what else do we know about Sweden? What do Swedes like about their country? Watch the video below and be ready for a discussion.


1. Describe education in Sweden.
2. What are the benefits of parents in Sweden?
3. How would you describe work-life balance of the Swedes?
4. What are some of the challenges Sweden is currently facing?
5. Are you happy with the educational system of your country? How about the benefits that parents in your country receive?

Vocabulary: ‘I am Dead Meat’

B1 – Intermediate

Watch the video below and learn how to use the expression “I’m dead meat”. Be ready to answer some discussion question as well.


1. Explain the expression “I am dead meat”.
2. Why did the character in the video say that he is “dead meat?”
3. What are other situations you can use the expression “I am dead meat”?
4. Describe a time you were in trouble or in a middle of a difficult situation.