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How to Live a Positive Life


C1 – Advanced

In our modern world, it can sometimes be impossible to stay positive. There are a lot of things that can cause us stress, either personally or professionally.

Read the article below and know more about steps we can take to help us look at the bright side.

10 Rules to Live By for Those Who Want to Live a Positive Life


1. How important is it to be positive?
2. Do you agree with the steps mentioned in the article? Would you add more to it?
3. What are some of the activities you do or habits you have to keep yourself from being pessimistic?

Will Synthetic Vaccine Stop Polio?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Medical technology has improved radically. It is due to non stop hard work of medical scientists and specialists. They continuously aim for the eradication of deadly diseases with the hope of longer and healthier lives for everyone.

Read the article below to know about the latest advancement in vaccines.

Will Synthetic Vaccine Stop Polio?


1. What is your general opinion of vaccines?
2. Will synthetic vaccine stop polio?
3. How much do you trust modern medical technology?
4. Do you think it’s possible that all diseases will be cured by vaccine?

Autism & Air Pollution


B2 – Upper intermediate

We have come a long way since autism was first studied. We now have multiple research about its different causes. Nonetheless, new developments and analysis are continuous in hopes of helping multiple parents and families cope.

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts.

US Study Links Air Pollution to Autism


1. What is autism and what are its symptoms?
2. According to the article, what is the link between autism and air pollution?
3. Does your country have advanced facilities and knowledge when it comes to helping children with autism?
4. In your opinion, why do you think there is a rise in diagnosed autism?


The Disadvantage of China’s One-Child Policy


B2 – Upper intermediate

It’s no secret that China’s one-child policy was passed as a law to help curb their population growth and make sure that their land could support the people. However, not many are aware of the consequences that it brought to families.

Read the article below to know more about the downside of China’s one-child policy.

Chinese Mom Has Abortion Because Her Only Child Threatened Suicide if She Had Another Baby


1. What is your initial reaction to China’s one-child policy?
2. In your country, what is the current trend when it comes to having a family?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family?

The Grave Danger of Bullying

C1 – Advanced

Some people feel good when they bully others. They think they can gain friends by doing it or that their images will be elevated without realizing the dangers bullying can cause.

Read the article and watch the video to have a wider insight about bullying.

‘It’s Bullying That Killed Me’: Dead Teen’s Mom Fights to Protect Law


1. Why do you think bullying has gotten worse over the years?
2. What would be the best punishment if someone committed it?
3. How can we eliminate bullying?

How Reading Can Change You


C1 – Advanced

Reading has always been a part of people’s lives. You can learn a lot through reading. You read from the time you begin school until the time that you start working. It is one hobby that some people love and adore.

Read the article below to discover how what we read can mould our personalities.

How Reading Can Change You in a Major Way


1. Do you think reading is important?
2. How often do you read?
3. Do you like reading? What are your preferences in books?
4. What are some of the interesting books or stories you’ve read?

Sunday Night Hobbies


B2 – Upper intermediate

Some people have manic Mondays and some people have the Sunday blues. Its pretty normal to get the blues knowing that your weekend is about to end. The article below shows interesting suggestions on how to make the most of your weekends.

Here are the things that most successful people do during Sunday night.

11 Things Successful People Do On Sunday Night


1. What are the things that you do during Sunday night?
2. Do you get the Sunday blues as well?
3. How would you describe your ideal weekend?

Victims of Cosmetic Surgery


C1 – Advanced

Being beautiful gives you a lot of advantages. It boosts confidence and people seem to trust you more. In some job applications, they prefer to hire people who are more good looking. But how far you will go to be beautiful?

Read the article below and be prepared to express your thoughts.

Victims of a craze for cosmetic surgery


1. What is your personal definition of beauty?
2. How important is beauty to you?
3. What do you do in order to be beautiful or presentable?
4. How far are you willing to go to be beautiful or to change your physical appearance?
5. Is plastic surgery the norm in your country?

Video: The Strange Disease of Always Being Hungry


C2 – Proficient

There are many mysterious diseases in the world. If you are lucky, they can find medications for it. In some cases they can’t. Medical researchers are continuously exploring ways to cure a number of diseases .

Watch the video and read the article below about a girl who was miraculously cured from her very rare disease and the others who suffer from the same syndrome.

Always Hungry Girl Gets ‘Childhood’ Back After Weight Loss Surgery


1. Explain the rare condition mentioned in the video. What happens to the patients who suffer from this condition?
2. How do you stay healthy?
3. Is it hard to be healthy?
4. How do you avoid being sick?
5. Will it be possible in the future that all diseases will have a cure?
6. What are other strange illnesses that you know of?

Jailed for Helping

C1 – Advanced

A 90-year old chef was put into jail for feeding the homeless. There is a law in Florida which forbids people to feed the homeless.



Chef faces jail for feeding the homeless


1. Does this law make sense?
2. Why do you think the local Florida government implemented this kind of law?
3. Is it wrong to help the needy ones?
4. How do you help the needy ones?
5. Is there any similar law in your city/country?