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Faces and Impressions



Image is everything.First impression makes a quick judgement about someone based on their appearance or facial expression after meeting them for only a short time,and most likely their opinions will never change.Trustworthiness, dominance and attractiveness are the three big things that we form impressions of people.Making a good first impression is incredibly important, because you only get one shot at it.

Let’s listen to the podcast:


Discussion questions:

1.What are the best ways to make a good first impression?

2.Have you met someone who you hated right away even though you didn’t know them?

3.In what jobs do people have to make very quick decisions based on first impressions?

Don’t Be A Word Bore,Alternative Ways to Say Good

It’s no wonder that the English language is so full of words that we can use to say that we may seldom repeat a word to express how we feel.Here are 10 great alternatives that you can use the word “good” to improve your English vocabulary that are fine to use in formal settings, such as the workplace, or among people or more informal settings, or when you’re trying to be friendly and express more emotion of affection.

Let’s look into learning new vocabulary words in the article below:

Discussion Questions:

What other words and phrases have you read or heard English speakers using when they say good?

Do you have any favorite alternative of saying good ? And Why?

How do you express yourself when you feel good about something?


Seven habits you will never be able to truly master like a Spaniard

It doesn’t matter how long you live here or how hard you try there are just some things that you will never be able to do as well as a Spaniard.










Let’s read the article and start a discussion about it. Click the link below:

Discussion Questions:

1.Does the article define a true Spaniard?

2.What habits do you have?

3.What unusual habits do you observe from other countries?

4.Are we be born with our habits? Or do we acquire them from the environment surrounding us?

China Moves to Ban Use of Uyghur Language in Schools

National language drives national unity in any country, even if there are hundreds of other languages and dialects present in the state. Apart from a name, a boundary, a currency, or a flag, a national language makes a county respectable. National language clearly indicates the national character of a country. If you want to penetrate and understand profoundly into a society, you must know how to speak and write their language.

Do you think this measure is an act of ethnic discrimination or a measure to educate everyone in the country to speak one common language?
Is it important to have one national language known and used by everyone in the country?
How many languages are spoken in your country?



A Day Without Internet

B2 – Upper Intermediate

We are living an “always-connected lifestyle”. This means that we are constantly connected to the internet. With this level of dependency, try to imagine a day without it.

Read the article and find out what it would be like if the internet would be shut down for one day.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think would happen if the internet stopped for a day? According to the article, what would happen if the internet stopped for a day?
2. How much do you use the internet?
3. What uses do you have for it?
4. What may be the advantages and disadvantages of a “kill switch”?
5. What do you do alternatively when you’re not online?

Avoiding the Post-Vacation Blues

C1 – Advanced

After few weeks or a month-long holiday some employees feel sad and depress of the workload that they left.  This sensation is called post-vacation syndrome (PVS) or post-vacation blues it is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.

In this video, we will tackle how to overcome Post-Vacation Blues and bounce back immediately after your summer vacation. Watch the video below and be ready to answer the questions that follow.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the symptoms of post-vacation syndrome?
2. What are the ways to prevent PVS according to the video?
3. Do you sometimes spend time working for few hours during your vacation?
4. Do you have a lot of work load after your vacation?
5. What do you think are the pros and cons of “Workcation” (working from a vacation destination)?

The Healing Power of Nature

B2 – Upper intermediate

Have you ever felt stressed out because of your busy life? Are you sick and tired of the pollution in the city?  Then you might want to recharge and reconnect yourself with nature.

Watch the video below and talk about how immersing yourself in nature will heal you.

Discussion questions:

1. Do you feel stress out living in the city?
2. What do you do to relieve your stress?
3. Do you like doing outdoor activities?
4. Do you agree that nature has an incredible healing power?

Best Beaches in Europe

B2 – Upper Intermediate

It is summertime again and what better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than to go to the beach?  If you find yourself in Europe this summer, here are ten beaches that would make your vacation a memorable one.

Let’s read the article and start a discussion about it. Please it through the link below:

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever been to the beaches listed in the article? If not, which beach would you like to visit and why?
2. What’s the nicest beach you’ve ever been to? Please share your experience.
3. What’s your favorite activity to do at the beach? Why?
4. What do you think is the best way to spend your summer vacation?
5. Do you prefer summer or winter vacations? Why?

Blind Cambridge Law Degree Holder

B1 – Intermediate

You really don’t have to subscribe to the life that was written for you.
– Allan Hennessy

He is not your ordinary guy. Mediocrity is not the way to describe him. Disability did not overtake his life.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Allan Hennessy’s life.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe Allan Hennessy.
2. What are his challenges and how did he overcome them?
3. What is his life story about?
4. What lessons did you learn from his life?
5. Have you ever broken free from labels and stereotypes?

Skills Best Sales Managers Possess

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Most of the times, companies reward their top sales people by promoting them as managers. Do excellent salespeople necessarily become good managers?

Look at three skills all best sales managers have through this article:

Let’s talk:

1. Why is important for managers to have the said skills?
2. What other traits do you associate with great managers?
3. What is the worst trait you’ve experienced?
4. Talk about a situation where the team failed, how did you/your team/your manager handle it?
5. Do you think anyone who is excellent at his job can be a leader?