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Skills Best Sales Managers Possess

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Most of the times, companies reward their top sales people by promoting them as managers. Do excellent salespeople necessarily become good managers?

Look at three skills all best sales managers have through this article:

Let’s talk:

1. Why is important for managers to have the said skills?
2. What other traits do you associate with great managers?
3. What is the worst trait you’ve experienced?
4. Talk about a situation where the team failed, how did you/your team/your manager handle it?
5. Do you think anyone who is excellent at his job can be a leader?

Finding Your Passion



B2 – Upper intermediate

You know exactly what you’re passionate about, and you can recite your elevator pitch in your sleep, but no one would know it based on your job title.

Maybe you don’t yet have the necessary skills or experience to land your dream job. Maybe you’re about to make a big career change. Or maybe what you’re passionate about just isn’t a financially viable option. (After all, “Follow your passion” may make a great commencement speech theme, but it’s certainly not a career plan. Some argue it’s not even great advice.)

Click the link below and listen to this podcast about passion:

Discussion questions:

1. What are you passionate about?
2. How did you find out your passion?
3. Do you agree with the statement: “Finding your passion means you’ll never have a job.”?
4. Do you think finding your dream job is unrealistic?
5. What stops people from following their passions in life?

Tackling Remote Work Challenges

© Trello

B2 – Upper Intermediate

The world is changing along with the way we live and work. Working remotely is one work styles that is becoming a trend in the workplace nowadays. With teleworking becoming more and more popular these days, it is important to note the good and bad things about it and to know how to deal with them so telecommuting becomes advantageous and satisfying to a person who works from home.

Lift the lid on the joys and struggles of being a home-based worker.

Let’s talk:

1. What are some challenges that teleworkers face and what are ways to cope with them?

2. How do you view telecommuting?

3. How would you feel about working remotely on a regular basis?

4. Do you think everyone should be given the option to telework?

5. What other workplace trends are becoming popular in your country?

Productive Nightly Routines



Evening rituals are just as important as their A.M. counterparts for being productive from start to finish, day in and day out.

Get a head start on tomorrow by tapping into nightly rituals these CEOs, best-selling writers, and productivity gurus swear by to feel more refreshed and productive from dawn ‘til dusk.

Productive Nightly Routines To Borrow From Remarkably Successful People


1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
2. Have you ever experienced working for the entire night?
3. Do you avoid eating sweets or caffeine at night? Can you sleep well?
4. Do you still think about your work at night?
5. Why do you think some people prefer to work at night?
6. Do you think that this generation is sleep deprived than the previous generation?

Being Frugal vs. Being Cheap

There’s a thin line between being frugal and being cheap, but how do we know when we’re in danger of crossing it?

Being frugal is being resourceful and savvy about how you spend your money, whereas being cheap is trying to cut corners to the detriment of yourself or others just so you don’t have to spend money.

Click the link to find out the differences between the two and be able to answer the questions that follow:

Let’s discuss:

  1. What’s the difference between being cheap and being frugal?
  2. Can you manage your money to the end of the month?
  3. Are you saving money now? Why? Do you regularly save money? Why?
  4. When was the last time you spent money on something you didn’t really need? Why did you do so?
  5.  Do you go shopping when you are sad? What do you buy? Do you need them?
  6. Are you good with money?
  7. Are you more of a generous or frugal character? How about other people in your family?


Reasons To Go Vegetarian

B2 – Upper intermediate

The single most important thing an individual can do for their health, for the environment, and for the sake of the innocent animals is to adopt a vegetarian diet. Here are the Top 10 reasons to give vegetarian eating a try:

Click the link and be able to discuss the questions below:

Discussion Questions:

1. Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why? Why not?
2. Do you have a family member or a close friend who is a vegetarian? How do you feel about it? Is it difficult to cook for them?
3. What are some reasons that people choose to be vegetarian?
4. Do you agree with the author’s reasons why we should go vegetarian?
5. Why vegetarianism has become more fashionable these days? Isn’t it just a fad?
6. Is it good to be a vegetarian for some periods of time for the sake of our health?
7. What’s your opinion on a strict vegetarian? Is it healthy?

Instant Gratification in Marketing

C1 – Advanced

Humans are naturally inclined to have desires for things. In the business setting, whoever provides these desires in the best way and timely manner possible, gets ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, instant gratification can offer a wide array of benefits for digital marketers.

Get a deeper understanding of instant gratification, how it works to a company’s advantage in marketing, and ways to provide it to customers.

Discussion Questions:

1. Explain why people expect immediate responses now.

2. What are your thoughts on the ideas presented in this article?

3. What are some other ways to handle customer’s desire for instant gratification?

4. Does the company you work for use instant gratification? In what ways?

5. Do you agree that instant gratification provides benefits for businesses?

Strike at the Bank of England





© Bank of England

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Employees are going on a strike. They have decided to demand a pay increase from the Bank of England. Getting very little to no rise in their salary means workers have to constantly make ends meet.

Find out more about the current situation that the Bank’s staff have to face and what led them to make the said decision.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think are the good and bad things about being a bank worker?

2. Do you think good pay is the most important requirement in a job? Tell few reasons why.

3. Talk about what you know about the pay rise system in your country.

4. What are the usual reasons workers union go on strikes in your country?

5. Do you believe strikes should be made illegal?

Spain Honors ‘Skateboarding Hero’

B2 – Upper Intermediate



For the past few years, terror attacks have been happening around the globe. When accidents happen most of us would run far away from it and save our dear life from danger. One Spanish skateboarder courageously faced the adversary and lost his life by saving others. That’s why the Spanish government recognized him as a hero.

Read more about how Echeverría became a hero before he died from the article below.

London Bridge attack: Spain honors ‘skateboarding hero’


1. What do you think about Echeverría’s death?
2. Do you think he deserves to be honored as a hero? Why?
3. In your opinion, what makes someone a hero?
4. If you witness a crime in front of you what would you likely do?
5. Do you think it’s dangerous to live in London? Do you feel safe living in Spain?

Clearing Up Confusions

B2 – Upper intermediate

Rumors in the workplace can lead to hurt feelings and may mean employees have to work in a hostile environment. Whether a rumor is true or not, the outcome of spreading it can be damaging. Employers have a responsibility to try to control the spread of workplace rumors to ensure that the work environment is a positive place for all employees.

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have enough free time at work to chat with colleagues?
2. What topics are you not allowed to talk about?
3. How damaging is it to spread rumors in the workplace?