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Students in Amsterdam Share Housing With Refugees

B2 – Upper Intermediate

There are at least 2 big problems of every country in Europe, which are the influx of refugees and the increasing price of apartments. Amsterdam has a solution for the problem, they have introduced a new concept called “Startblok” where university students can live in a low priced good quality apartments with refugees.

Listen to the video or read the article in the link below to learn more about this integration project between University students and refugees.

Students in Amsterdam Share Housing With Refugees


1. What are the students and refugees expected to do in exchange for the cheap housing?
2. Do you think you need something like the “Startblok” project in your country?
3. What is the general attitude towards refugees in your country? Do you think that refugees find it difficult to integrate into your local community?
4. Is housing cheap in your country? Would you ever consider moving abroad because of lower housing costs?


Spanish ‘Smart’ City Project Saves Time, Money

B2 – Upper Intermediate

With the fast advent of technology, it had helped our lives in a tremendous way. But, have you ever heard of the word “Smart City” before?  A city that uses technology to help locals live conveniently and comfortably like finding a parking space or even checks your favorite store is open.

Read the article and learn more about how Santander aims to be a smart city.

Spanish ‘Smart’ City Project Saves Time, Money


1. How can drivers in Santander find out where they can find available parking spots?
2. What made all these innovations possible?
3. What do you think about the technological innovations in Santander?
4. Do you know of any other “smart” cities in the world?
5. What do you think big cities will look like in 100 years?
6. How do you think public transportation will change in the future?

Trendy Names for Vegetables

© Vancouver Sun

B1 – Lower Intermediate

They are good for our bodies. They are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients but low in fat and calories. They are a good source of fiber. Vegetables -or fondly called veggies- are key to a healthy diet. However, there are many people who despise them.

Find out how we can make eating vegetables more enticing.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think of this idea? Why do you think it’s effective?
2. What are the benefits of eating vegetables?
3. How can we get people to eat more vegetables?
4. Do labels affect your perception of a dish?

Reasons To Study a Foreign Language Abroad

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B2 – Upper Intermediate

Anybody who is trying to learn a foreign language constantly wants to find a way to speed up the process. There are many ways to do it. Is living and studying it abroad truly the most effective way?

Here are six reasons why one needs to live away from home to learn another language.

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you agree that “learning and communicating in the language of a foreign country while living there is without doubt the best way of learning”?
2. What are ways you’ve tried to learn English? Which do you think are the most effective and which are not?
3. Would you consider studying a language abroad or recommend anyone to do it? Support your answer.

Generation Vacation

B2 – Upper Intermediate

I bet you have heard of the word quarter-life crisis wherein at the age of 25, you are no longer too young to be an adult and too old to be a teenager. Nowadays, it’s becoming more common to stay with your parents cause it’s too expensive to rent on your own. Sometimes because of the generation gap, we have experienced misunderstanding with our parents but here’s a unique article about a boy’s experience traveling with his mom and how this memorable trip changed how he thinks about his mom.

Read the interesting story below and let’s answer the questions together!

What happens when Millennials like me go on holiday with our parents?


1. Have you ever traveled with your parents before? If yes, how was it and where did you go?
2. Can you tell me one of your most memorable trips abroad?
3. Tell me the difference between traveling with friends and family. And, what are the advantages and disadvantages when you travel with your family?
4. Do you prefer to travel with friends, relatives, or alone? Why?
5. Do you agree that Millennials travel more today because they feel that they will never have enough money for a house deposit? And do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?


Middle School Students Advocate for Mitchell’s Law

B1 – Intermediate

Middle schoolers passed a resolution in the Senate to lobby for police animals rights. Everyone awaits whether this will eventually become a law after it passes in the State Assembly.

Find out more about their proposed law below:

Discussion Questions:

1. Who is Mitchell and what is the Mitchell’s Law?
2. In your opinion, is Mitchell’s Law relevant to other parts of the world?
3. Do you think it’s acceptable for children to take part in law-making?

Slow Aging

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Getting older is inevitable, but our diet and lifestyle play a huge role in how we look and feel along the way. Aging doesn’t necessarily mean getting sick or feeling less than our best — if we pay attention to a few key factors and make a few important shifts, we can age healthfully and feel as optimal as possible.

Read the article and be able to answer the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. How concerned are you with aging? Please explain.
  2. Do members of your family live long and healthy lives? Please explain.
  3. What lifestyle choices have you made that have had negative effects?
  4. What lifestyle choices have you made that have had positive effects?
  5. If humans could double their lifespan, would it be a good idea? Why/not?

All Work and No Play

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Despite the benefits derived from play for both children and parents, time for free play has been markedly reduced for some children. This report addresses a variety of factors that have reduced play, including a hurried lifestyle, changes in family structure, and increased attention to academics and enrichment activities at the expense of recess or free child-centered play.

Read the article further and be able to discuss  the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you agree that children should spend most of their day studying?
  2. Some people say that children who have piano, soccer, and other activities become smart adults. What you opinion about this?
  3. What’s a good balance between study and play for children? Why do you think so?
  4. How important are tests for children? Do tests accurately measure a child’s intelligence, skills, and/or abilities.Why do you think so?
  5. What is the education system like in your home country? Please explain.
  6. How can the education system in your home country be improved? Please explain.


Mixed-gender Events at the 2020 Olympics

B1 – Intermediate

The 2020 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad and commonly known as Tokyo 2020, is a major international multi-sport event due to be celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic Games as governed by the International Olympic Committee.

In the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, some events will have mixed-gender participants. This will make the Tokyo Olympics very gender-balanced. However, not every is pleased with this.

Find out about mixed reactions towards mixed-gender sports events at Tokyo 2020.

Discussion Questions:

1. Are you a big fan of the Olympics?

2. Do you think skateboarding, 3-on-3 basketball, sport climbing and BMX freestyle belong in the Olympics?

3. Do your country’s athletes do well in the Olympics?

4. What is your favourite event at the Olympics and why?

5. Do you think the Olympics should only be for amateur athletes, like it used to be?

6. Which Olympics can you remember well?

7. What does hosting the Olympics do for a country?

Robot Police Officer

“RoboCop” is a 2014 film about a crime-fighting cyborg. Dubai Police have revealed their first robot officer, giving it the task of patrolling the city’s malls and tourist attractions. Now, this is real-life RoboCop!

Read more about the first robot police here:

Discussion Questions:

1. What is your general opinion about robot police officers?

2. Some see robots as menacing, some see them as helpful – how about you?

3. What do you expect from a police officer? Do you think this robot will be a better alternative?

4. Do you think your government needs to spend money on employing more police officers, or availing robot police?

5. What other roles will robots play in our society later this century?