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Farmers Spray E.U. Building With Milk Powder

B2 – Upper intermediate

When the government is helping the big corporations win, the smaller guys continue to struggle. Watch the video below about a protest that some farmers made against the European Union’s decision regarding milk production and selling.


1. Explain why the farmers decided to spray an EU building with milk powder.
2. How’s the agriculture business/industry in your country?
3. Do you think the European Union’s action to “stabilize the market” was a good one?
4. What are some agricultural products that you import from other countries?
5. What’s an ideal way to help local farmers survive in today’s world?

Business English Conversation: Consumer Protection

Business English – B2 – Upper intermediate

Consumer protection is an important part of business. It allows fair transaction between buyers and sellers.

This activity will help increase your business vocabulary and practice your sentence construction. Click on the link below and be ready to have a speaking activity. Discuss the vocabulary words then answer the discussion questions.

Business English Conversation Lessons: Consumer Protection


Reasons to Shower Less


B2 – Upper intermediate

We all take a bath or a shower to feel fresh before going to work, after a rigorous work-out or simply to feel clean before going to bed. Do you enjoy your bath time? How often do you take a shower? They say that taking a shower might not be so good for you, so let’s find out.

7 Reasons You Can Probably Get Away With Showering Less

1. Name the reasons mentioned in the article about showering less. Do you agree or disagree with them?
2. Do you prefer taking a shower or having a bath?
3. Do you prefer a quick shower in the morning or a warm bath in the evening?

Express your thoughts:
• A few germs are good for you. People wash and clean too much.
• Expensive shampoos and shower gels are a waste of money. A bar of soap is just as effective.
• The advertising industry is to blame for all the money we waste on cleaning products that we don’t need.

Video: Kuwaitis in ‘5-star’ Tents Under the Stars

B2 – Upper intermediate

In Kuwait, locals have a different way of escaping the heat during the summer. Watch the video carefully to find out what dessert camping is and express your thoughts about it.

Kuwaitis seek roots in ‘5-star’ tents under the stars


1. What is dessert camping and why do Kuwaitis like this?
2. How much does it cost to go camping in the dessert?
3. Describe the tents featured in the video.
4. Have you ever gone camping before? What did you like/didn’t like about it?
5. Would you consider yourself adventurous when it comes to travelling?

How to Drink Baijiu


B2 – Upper intermediate

Have you heard of baijiu? If you’re into spirits and drinking then this is one liqueur that you might want to try.

Read the article about a Chinese drink heartily consumed by the locals. Take a look at the pictures as well and be ready to answer comprehension questions.

How to drink baijiu: Beijing’s pros share their tips


1. What is baijiu and how is it made? What is it made of?
2. On which occasions is baijiu the choice of drink?
3. What is baijiu tourism?
4. What are some of the local alcohol or spirits that are commonly and popularly consumed in your country?
5. What are your preferences when it comes to alcohol?

Africa’s Coffee Renaissance

B2 – Upper intermediate

Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs are thinking creatively and boldly. Watch the video and read the article about two Nigerian brothers who profited on coffee.

2 brothers have tapped into Africa’s coffee renaissance


1. Describe the coffee business of Ngozi aynd Chijioke Dozie. What makes their coffee bar different?
2. What do the brothers hope for in the future for their business?
3. How are coffee bars fairing in your city/country?
4. Are there many start-up businesses in your city/country? Are they being supported by the local government?

Saudi Arabia’s Cinema Ban


C1 – Advanced

It is common knowledge to most that the Middle Eastern culture is one that comes with very rigid rules. From what women can wear to gender segregation. In Saudi Arabia, cinemas are struggling as well.

Read the article below to know more about the film industry in Saudi.

In the age of YouTube, what’s the point in Saudi Arabia’s cinema ban?


1. What information did the article say about the cinema ban in Saudi Arabia?
2. What did the article say about women and driving?
3. Tell me something about the author of the article.
4. What do you know about the Middle Eastern culture?
5. Would you consider travelling to the Middle East?

Festivals: Chinese New Year


B1 – Intermediate

In most Asian countries, New Year’s is celebrated twice – in January and in February. Read the article below to know more about the Chinese New Year and some cultural traditions that the Chinese practice. Be ready to also talk about important festivals in your country.

Chinese New Year


1. Describe how the Chinese celebrate their New Year?
2. Have you ever seen or witnessed a dragon dance or a Lantern Festival?
3. What else do you know about the Chinese culture? How about other Asian culture?
4. What are some Spanish festivals that are very specific to a region?
5. In your country, are there any dishes or food that are especially served on certain festivals or holidays?

Are We Ready for E-Books?

B2 – Upper intermediate

There is an increasing popularity of e-books, especially among youngsters. Some people think that printed books will be replaced by e-books, which are more convenient and affordable. However, some argued that nothing could ever replace the feeling of owning and the physical enjoyment that printed books can provide to its readers.

Let’s find out more about e-books.

Are We Ready for E-Books?


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-books?
2. What do you like about printed book?
3. Based on the article, why do major publishers think that reading books on screen is what most of the consumers need?
4. What are some of the books that you have enjoyed reading?
5. Do you also like to read articles from magazines or the newspaper?

The First Starbucks in Italy


B1 – Intermediate

Starbucks is one of the most popular American coffee shop chains known around the world. Presently, it has more than 20,000 stores in 67 countries. Starbucks has achieved worldwide recognition and success. Can it also be successful in Italy, a country that is known to have long cultural ties with coffee?

Let’s find out more about it.

Starbucks To Open First Store in Italy


1. According to the article, when will Starbucks open its first store in Italy?
2. Have you tried Italian espresso? How about Starbucks coffee?
3. Why do Italians have mixed reactions/feelings about the opening of Starbucks in their country?
4. What was the article pertaining to when it mentioned  the “watery undrinkable” coffee?
5. Can Starbucks succeed in Italy?
6. Are there Starbucks stores in your country? What’s the most popular coffee shop chain in your country/Europe?