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Buckwheat Berry Stripe Cake | Melissa Clark Recipes

C1 – Advanced

This video is meant to practice your listening comprehension. Watch and listen carefully and be ready to answer comprehension questions. You’ll also be able to practice your speaking skills by describing processes.


1. Why does the cook like using buckwheat?
2. Why does the cook prefer using a shallow pan over a deeper one for her cake?
3. According to the video, what does it mean when a cake is a “damp cake”?
4. What did Melissa mean when she used the expressions “…go to town.” and “It’s your canvass.”?
5. Do you enjoy cakes and pastries? What are some of your favourites?
6. Describe a dessert dish that you enjoy making.

What Is Life Really Like In Sweden?

C1 – Advanced

Bike lanes, IKEA and Absolut Vodka. These are what Sweden is famously known for, among others. But what else do we know about Sweden? What do Swedes like about their country? Watch the video below and be ready for a discussion.


1. Describe education in Sweden.
2. What are the benefits of parents in Sweden?
3. How would you describe work-life balance of the Swedes?
4. What are some of the challenges Sweden is currently facing?
5. Are you happy with the educational system of your country? How about the benefits that parents in your country receive?

Speaking Activity : Beauty

beautyB1 – Intermediate

Beauty and being beautiful has been a misleading issue to men and women alike. Dozens and hundreds of campaigns have been launched to remind people of how beauty can be relative. But what is beauty?

Answer the questions below and be ready to have a speaking activity with your teacher.


1. Do you think beauty is the same for every person?
2. Do you think that different cultures think about beauty differently?
3. What do you think of plastic surgery?
4. What is the most common plastic surgery in your country?
5. What does “Beauty is only skin deep.” mean?
6. What kind of beauty contests are popular in your country? Do they have beauty contests for men too?
7. Do you personally know anyone who have gotten plastic surgery?
8. Who are the most beautiful/handsome celebrities in your country?
9. What makes someone beautiful?
10. Do you think science can measure beauty?

Pros and Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

a-iB2 – Upper intermediate

The rise of artificial intelligence has been preoccupying people from all different walks of life. Whether you’re a scientist, an engineer or a mother of two, questions will always be asked. Is it good? Or does it bring more harm?

Click the link below to read the article and watch the video.



1. How would you define artificial intelligence?
2. Is AI a threat to the human race as we know it? Is there a danger that AI will take over the world?
3. Should we be making AI that behave like humans?
4. AI is and could be powerful. Should we have a campaign to stop the killer robots?
5. Will the robot army rise up and steal our jobs?
6. Can AI help address some of the world’s most pressing problems, or will it worsen issues such as inequality and poverty?

Zuckerberg Presents AI Assistant Jarvis

C1 – Advanced

Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of social media giant Facebook, has been working on developing his very own AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant for a year now.

Watch the video and read the article as he introduces ‘Jarvis’ to the world.

Zuckerberg Presents AI Assistant Jarvis


1. Talk about Jarvis.
2. Do you feel comfortable talking to your mobile phone? If yes, what do you usually ask your AI assistant to do? If not, kindly explain the reason why.
3. What other functions would you like AI assistants to be able to carry out?
4. What other ultra advanced technology would you like to be able to see and use in your lifetime.

Pronunciation: /-ed/ Ending in Past Tense Verbs

B1 – Intermediate – Pronunciation Lesson

Past Tense Verbs with /-ed/ ending such as “talked”, “banned” and “awaited” are pronounced in three different ways.

Please refer to the video below to find out the reasons why /-ed/ is pronounced either as /t/, /d/ or /id/ in past tense verb endings.

Rules That Make Employees Want to Quit


C1 – Advanced

Every workplace needs rules. They discourage employees from coming to work late, getting drunk at their desks, and most importantly, are intended to ensure efficiency. However, a lot of companies have rules that frustrate employees because they sometimes cross the line into ridiculousness.

Read the article below then express your thoughts about it.

10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit


1. Do agree with the items listed? why or why not?
2. Give examples of “dumb rules” you’ve encountered.
3. Why do you think rules are necessary?

Speaking Activity : Tourism


B2 – Upper intermediate

Tourism is travelling for pleasure. It also involves the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, as well as the business of operating tours.

People will always want to travel. The tourism industry has been growing in the past years and travelling has been a lot of people’s passion and hobby.

Answer the questions below and be ready to have a discussion about tourism and travelling.


1. How important is tourism in your country?
2. What is the biggest tourist destination in your country?
3. What are the benefits of international tourism? Are there any drawbacks?
4. Do you prefer tourism package tours or do you prefer to plan your own vacations? Why?
5. Is it better to go to popular tourist destinations or lesser known tourist destinations? Why?
6. Should a government try to improve domestic tourism or try to attract international tourists instead? Why?
7. What’s the best way to travel when you visit a country? Train, car, bicycle, bus?
8. If you could create a tourism slogan for your country, what would it be?
9. What’s the best way for a country to bring in more tourists?
10. How do you feel about tourists who visit your country?

Speaking Activity : Childhood


B2 – Upper intermediate

Childhood is a moment in life when children enjoy their time with friends, parents and teachers in school. A moment when they should feel safe from violence and abuse. A time when they can learn and grow.

How would would describe your childhood? Answer the questions below and be ready to practice your sentence construction.


1. What was the best thing about your childhood?
2. What do you miss most about being a child?
3. Do you think that children these days have a better or worse childhood than your generation? Why?
4. What do you think is important to have a happy childhood?
5. Where did you grow up? How did that affect your childhood?
6. What were some of your favorite activities when you were a child?
7. Who, besides your parents, had the biggest impact on your childhood?
8.What do you want to provide your children that you didn’t have when you were growing up?
9. What was your experience at school like? (elementary, junior high, or high school)

Vocabulary: ‘I am Dead Meat’

B1 – Intermediate

Watch the video below and learn how to use the expression “I’m dead meat”. Be ready to answer some discussion question as well.


1. Explain the expression “I am dead meat”.
2. Why did the character in the video say that he is “dead meat?”
3. What are other situations you can use the expression “I am dead meat”?
4. Describe a time you were in trouble or in a middle of a difficult situation.