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Artificial Intelligence

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Artificial Intelligence or AI is everywhere.  As a matter of fact, we use and deal with them every day. It may seem like science fiction is starting to become reality due to these machines’ ability to assimilate our behavior.

Let’s listen to Neil and Tim talk about artificial intelligence. 

Let’s Talk:

1. What sorts of things do we take for granted that are cutting edge for machines? (Machines’ limitation)

2. What other cutting-edge machines can you name?

3. How is artificial intelligence helping us today?

4. What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?

5. What would our life be like without artificial intelligence?

6. What are the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?

7. What will artificial intelligence be like in the future?

8. Will robots ever control the world?

9. What movies have you seen about artificial intelligence?

UK Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Undeniably, air pollution has been a problem in every country around the world. No wonder a lot of car companies are heading for electric and hybrid cars in the future. Just recently, the UK has announced its plans to fight air pollution by banning petrol and diesel cars starting 2040.

Is it a good idea or will it be a little too late by then?  Let’s read the article below and let us know your opinion about the subject.

Let’s talk:

1. What do you think about Britain’s plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040?
2. Would you support such a ban in your country? Why? Why not?
3. How long do you think it will be before all cars on the road are electric? Why?
4. Do you believe that electric cars will be cheaper to maintain than ICE cars by 2025-2029? Why? Why not?
5. What do you think governments should do to encourage people to buy electric cars?
6. Why do you think some people are still skeptical about electric cars?

Extreme Employees

C1 – Advanced

In some countries, they are trying to maintain their workers’ work-life balance by experimenting on different work styles. However, there remains a lot of people who has no choice but to work very long hours.

Find out more about “extreme employees” through this article:

Discussion Questions:
1. What are the effects of being an extreme employee?
2. What do you think are reasons some people work too much?
3. Should companies strive to have extreme employees or well-balanced ones?
4. Talk about your experience of a toxic work day or workweek.
5. Do you think workers in your country should be given more vacation days?

Emojis in Work E-mails

B1 – Intermediate

There are do’s and don’t’s of writing work e-mails. Should employees refrain from including smiley face emojis in their e-mails?

Read more about the use of emojis in work e-mails.

Discussion Questions:
1. What e-mail writing rules do you know of?
2. What is your opinion about putting emojis/smileys in work e-mails?
3. What’s the importance of knowing proper e-mailing etiquette?

Are Friends Better Than Family?

B1 – Intermediate

For most people, friends are just as important to them as their families while others can easily choose one over the other.

A study shows that one between these two types of relationships is a better predictor of health and happiness, so which one do you think is it?

Let’s find out:

Let’s talk:

  • What do you think of the study?
  • Do you feel that “blood is thicker than water”? (Family comes first.)
    Or do you feel that friends are more important? Or do you think both are equally valuable?
  • How do members of a family support each other? / How do friends support each other?
  • Do you prefer to have many friends or just a few close ones?
  • What are the benefits of having just a few close friends? How about the benefits of having many friends? Are there disadvantages for both too?
  • How close are you to your family? How about your extended family? (cousins, aunts, great uncles etc.)

Try explaining these statements:

  • “If a friendship has survived the test of time, you know it must be a good one.”
  • “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.”
  • “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.”

** Share any quotes about friendship and family.


How to Become More Disciplined?

B2 – Upper Intermediate

We all have bad habits that we want to get rid of. Have you ever tried changing your behavior and end up going back to it again after few days or months? Then maybe you are not doing it  right.

Let’s take a look at this video and learn from the life story of Lucas. Prepare to discuss your thoughts after watching.


Let’s talk!

1. How did Lucas become more self-disciplined?
2. What kind of behaviors do you want to change?
3. Is it difficult for you to resist temptations?
4. Are you consistent with your good habits? If no, why? If yes, then how do you remain consistent?

Public Napping Space in Madrid


B1 – Intermediate

Siesta is an old Spanish tradition. With the advent of technology and amidst the fast-paced city life, a Spanish company opened a place for taking naps.

This Madrid-based nap bar said on their website, “The siesta is considered one of those small pleasures of life, especially recommended in every way for its clear health benefits”.

Read more about this interesting public napping space in the link below and let’s talk about it.

Let’s talk!

1. What do you think about Siesta & Go’s nap bar?
2. Would you be interested in visiting a nap bar? Why? Why not?
3. Are you able to sleep anywhere? Why? Why not?
4. Do you think that naps are beneficial for one’s health? Why? Why not?
5. Are there napping spaces in your town or city? If so, please describe how they work. If not, do you think there should be one? Why? Why not?

Faces and Impressions


B2 – Upper Intermediate

Image is everything. We often make a quick judgement about someone based on their appearance or facial expression after meeting them even for only a matter of seconds. In most cases, we likely never change our opinions about that person.

Some impressions we make are trustworthiness, dominance, and attractiveness. Making a good first impression is incredibly important because you only get one shot at it.

Let’s listen to the podcast:

Discussion questions:

1. What are the best ways to make a good first impression?

2. Have you met someone whom you didn’t like so much right away even though you didn’t know him very well yet?

3. In what jobs do people have to make very quick decisions based on first impressions?

Alternative Ways to Say Good

B1 – Intermediate

It’s no wonder that the English language is so full of words that we can use to say that we may seldom repeat a word to express how we feel. Here are 10 great alternatives that you can replace the word “good” to improve your English vocabulary that are fine to use in formal settings, such as the workplace, or among people or more informal settings, or when you’re trying to be friendly and express more emotion of affection.

Let’s look into learning new vocabulary words in the article below:

Discussion Questions:

1. What other words and phrases have you read or heard English speakers use when they say good?

2. Do you have any favorite alternative to saying good ? And Why?

3. How do you express yourself when you feel good about something?


Seven habits you will never be able to truly master like a Spaniard

If you are planning to spend a few days or staying for good in Spain,get to know how Spaniards live in their unique culture and identity.










Let’s read the article and start a discussion about it. Click the link below:

Discussion Questions:

1.Does the article define a true Spaniard?

2.What habits do you have?

3.What unusual habits do you observe from other countries?

4.Are we be born with our habits? Or do we acquire them from the environment surrounding us?