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Reasons To Go Vegetarian

B2 – Upper intermediate

The single most important thing an individual can do for their health, for the environment, and for the sake of the innocent animals is to adopt a vegetarian diet. Here are the Top 10 reasons to give vegetarian eating a try:

Click the link and be able to discuss the questions below:

Discussion Questions:

1. Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why? Why not?
2. Do you have a family member or a close friend who is a vegetarian? How do you feel about it? Is it difficult to cook for them?
3. What are some reasons that people choose to be vegetarian?
4. Do you agree with the author’s reasons why we should go vegetarian?
5. Why vegetarianism has become more fashionable these days? Isn’t it just a fad?
6. Is it good to be a vegetarian for some periods of time for the sake of our health?
7. What’s your opinion on a strict vegetarian? Is it healthy?

Instant Gratification in Marketing

C1 – Advanced

Humans are naturally inclined to have desires for things. In the business setting, whoever provides these desires in the best way and timely manner possible, gets ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, instant gratification can offer a wide array of benefits for digital marketers.

Get a deeper understanding of instant gratification, how it works to a company’s advantage in marketing, and ways to provide it to customers.

Discussion Questions:

1. Explain why people expect immediate responses now.

2. What are your thoughts on the ideas presented in this article?

3. What are some other ways to handle customer’s desire for instant gratification?

4. Does the company you work for use instant gratification? In what ways?

5. Do you agree that instant gratification provides benefits for businesses?

Strike at the Bank of England





© Bank of England

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Employees are going on a strike. They have decided to demand a pay increase from the Bank of England. Getting very little to no rise in their salary means workers have to constantly make ends meet.

Find out more about the current situation that the Bank’s staff have to face and what led them to make the said decision.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think are the good and bad things about being a bank worker?

2. Do you think good pay is the most important requirement in a job? Tell few reasons why.

3. Talk about what you know about the pay rise system in your country.

4. What are the usual reasons workers union go on strikes in your country?

5. Do you believe strikes should be made illegal?

Spain Honors ‘Skateboarding Hero’

B2 – Upper Intermediate



Spanish skateboarder Ignacio Echeverría, who died from Saturday’s terror attacks in London, has been posthumously awarded one of Spain’s highest honors.

The country’s government has deemed him worthy of the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit for his bravery.

Read more about how Echeverría became a hero before he died from the article below.

London Bridge attack: Spain honors ‘skateboarding hero’


1. What do you think about Echeverría’s death?
2. Do you think he deserves to be honored as a hero? Why?
3. In your opinion, what makes someone a hero?
4. If you witness a crime in front of you what would you likely do?
5. Do you think it’s dangerous to live in London? Do you feel safe living in Spain?

Clearing Up Confusions

B2 – Upper intermediate

Rumors in the workplace can lead to hurt feelings and may mean employees have to work in a hostile environment. Whether a rumor is true or not, the outcome of spreading it can be damaging. Employers have a responsibility to try to control the spread of workplace rumors to ensure that the work environment is a positive place for all employees.

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have enough free time at work to chat with colleagues?
2. What topics are you not allowed to talk about?
3. How damaging is it to spread rumors in the workplace?




Spanish waters reach record high temperatures


The sea temperature off the coasts of Spain have hit historic highs, rising up to 2.5C over a decade, according to data recorded in June.The warmest waters were recorded in the Mediterranean of Tarragona, which reached 27C, an increase of 2.5 percent on a year earlier.

Spain was gripped by the first heatwave of the summer in June, making the month the hottest June recorded in Spain for 50 years.

Kindly read the full article here:

Let’s talk:

What impact can warmer seas have to marine life?

What was your reaction to this news?

Do you know of other problems related to the seas, marine ecosystem etc.?

How can we protect our seas?

Describe your favorite beach.

Google to Stop Searching Email to Sell Advertisements


© user: photo-mix / Pixabay / Public Domain

© user: photo-mix / Pixabay / Public Domain

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Google says it is going to stop searching the email of its users to sell online advertisements. For years, privacy rights activists and many users were concerned about the email scanning.

Google has been scanning email in its Gmail service in order to match subjects that people were writing about with advertisements. For example, someone writing about food might start seeing ads for cooking equipment.

Read more about  it in the link below:

Google to Stop Searching Email to Sell Advertisements


1. What email service do you use? Why?
2. Do you find online ads useful or annoying? Why?
3. Why do you think Google is the most popular search engine?
4. Are you worried about your privacy when you browse the internet? Why? Why not?
5. Do you think that email scanning is an invasion of privacy? Why? Why not?

Spanish Centenarians’ Tips for a Long Life

© Maj Borg, Minttu Mäntynen, Andrea Miconi / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-1.0

© Maj Borg, Minttu Mäntynen, Andrea Miconi / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-1.0

With more than 17,000 people aged 100 or over, Spain is the country with the greatest life expectancy after Japan, OECD data and the latest population census shows.

Over a year, Reuters photographer Andrea Comas interviewed and photographed Spaniards aged 100 or more.

Read more from the article and start a discussion about it.

Tips from Spain’s centenarians on how to live to 100


1. What is the most important part of life in a Spanish society?
2.  Do you think that people can still keep their traditions in the modern world? Why or why not?
3. What tips did the elderly Spanish people offer to those wishing to live long lives?
4. Do you agree that elderly people are wiser than younger ones? Why or why not?
5. How old is the oldest person that you have ever met? How would you describe him/her?
6.  What is your opinion about the YOLO (You only live once) mentality? What are its advantages and setbacks?

Music Makes Us Happy

A2 – Elementary

A brain chemical called ‘dopamine’ is said to be released when we listen to music, eat, and do other rewarding activities.

Read on to know how exactly music affect our mood.


Discussion Questions:

1. Does music make you feel good?
2. What kind of music gives you the chills?
3. What other things make you feel good?

Bilingual Brain

B2 – Upper intermediate

There are advantages of knowing two languages. There may be some disadvantages to this skill as well. Watch the video to find out.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is a bilingual brain different from a monolingual brain?
2. Are there any disadvantages to knowing two languages?
3. Do you think everyone in the future will be bilingual or even multilingual?