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Does Online Therapy Actually Work?

Modern guy typing on a smartphone.

B2 – Upper intermediate

Online therapy is counseling using the Internet. It’s also known as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging are used as forms of communication between therapist and patient. But the BIG question is, does it actually work?

Click below to find out more:

Does Online Therapy Actually Work?


1. When you saw the phrase “online therapy,” what came to mind?
2. Would you be willing to undergo online therapy if you had any issues?
3. What are the downsides of Online Therapy?
4. What do you think are other ways you can counsel a person?

10 Ways To Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life


B2 – Upper intermediate

It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding.

Stress management is all about taking charge. No matter how stressful your life seems, there are steps you can take to relieve the pressure and regain control.

10 Ways To Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life


1. What are you most stressed about these days?
2. Do you think stress can sometimes be good?
3. Which of the ways mentioned in the article do you find most useful?
4. What are some decluttering practices that you do?

Syrian Children in ‘toxic stress’


B2 – Upper intermediate

War affects children as much as it affects adults, how ever different the impact is. Children are dependent on the care, empathy, and attention of adults who love them. Their attachments are frequently disrupted in times of war, due to the loss of parents or other custodians.

Read the article below to know more on how the children are fairing in the middle of the Syrian war.

Syrian children in state of ‘toxic stress’, Save the Children says


1. How does war affect children? What are the lifelong influences?
2. How do children of war view this phenomenon?
3. How should we rehabilitate children who have witnessed the horrors of war?

In the Wine World, Does Bottle Size Matter?

C1 – Advanced

Wine has been around for as long as we can remember. And most of the time we’re after the taste. Watch the video below of a discussion about wine bottles and the issue of changing them.


1. According to the video, why are wine bottles changing?
2. Describe the wine the presenter and guest tasted.
3. The presenter mentioned the word “hipster”. What do you think it means?
4. What did the guest say about retailers and wine bottles?
5. What are your preferences when it comes to wine and other alcoholic beverages?

Is Cycling Good for Cities?

B1 – Intermediate

In cities like Amsterdam, cycling is a way of life. Is it really good for cities to encourage the use of bicycles around the city/neighborhood?

Watch the video below and be ready to have a discussion.


1. Are there any bicycle lanes in the UK? Why is it important to have bicycle lanes?
2. In your city, are bicycle lanes made to encourage the use of bicycles?
3. How would you describe roads and motorways in your country?
4. Do you think that using bicycles will help lessen the traffic in big cities? Why?

BBC LingoHack Video: Feb 22

B1 – Intermediate

Watch the video below to increase your vocabulary and practice your listening skills. Feel free to watch the video more than once. You may also take down notes of important details.

Learn words from the news: visually impaired, engineered, heading out


1. What does it mean when someone is visually impaired? Use it in a sentence.
2. How is one company in India helping people who are blind? Why are the blind the best in this kind of job?
3. What is the definition of the word “engineered”? Use it in a sentence.
4. In the last story, where is the team going? Where will they live during their expedition?

Tackling Air Pollution


B2 – Upper intermediate

Aside from politics and the economy, pollution is also a growing issue in most countries. Air pollution has become more and more evident in the past years that people from different walks of life are trying to lessen air pollution in their own little way.

Read the article below and express your thoughts about it.

Is there a way to tackle air pollution?


1. How is your government addressing the issue of air pollution?
2. How would you describe pollution in your city?
3. What are some of the places you visited that you would consider very clean?
4. Do you enjoy living in your current city?

The Doctor Who Saved 100,000 Eyes

B2 – Upper intermediate

Our eyesight is very important to us. Yet, just like the other senses, we tend to take it for granted until we realize how much we rely on it.

Watch the video below to know of a doctor who restores hope in people through better eyesight.


1. Discuss what the doctor and his team does for people in Nepal.
2. How important is this medical project to small cities and developing countries?
3. Are there medical projects or missions in your country that you know of?
4. Have you ever volunteered to help the poor? How was that experience?

Why are We So Attached to Our Things?

B2 – Upper intermediate

Ever wonder why we get attached to our belongings? Are we innately selfish? There must be a scientific explanation to this. This video details the psychology of ownership.

Watch the video carefully then be ready to answer some discussion questions.


  1. What does the “endowment effect” describe?
  2. What are some of the almost magical ways that we think about the connection between objects and their owners?
  3. Can there ever be a downside to feeling attached to our things? Elaborate your answer.

Aid Given in Cash


B2 – Upper Intermediate

Some people are hesitant in giving money to charities as they are doubtful whether their donations would be used efficiently.

In Kenya, charitable organizations are trying out a new way of helping through direct cash transfers, letting the recipients spend the money however they wish to.

Read more on this here:

What happens when aid is given as direct cash transfers?

1. How did Joseph Ombimbo Nyakwaka spend the money he received?
2. What are the positive things about direct cash transfers in donating?
3. What are the criticisms on this method of giving?
4. Imagine receiving $1000 and you can spend it however you want. How would you like to spend it?