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Google to Stop Searching Email to Sell Advertisements


© user: photo-mix / Pixabay / Public Domain

© user: photo-mix / Pixabay / Public Domain

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Have you ever wonder why the right products on the side of your screen show up whenever you open the google website? They are secretly scanning and searching for our activities and match it with the products we would likely buy. For some, the thought of it is scary. No wonder human rights activists are concerned about it for years.

Read more about  it in the link below:

Google to Stop Searching Email to Sell Advertisements


1. What email service do you use? Why?
2. Do you find online ads useful or annoying? Why?
3. Why do you think Google is the most popular search engine?
4. Are you worried about your privacy when you browse the internet? Why? Why not?
5. Do you think that email scanning is an invasion of privacy? Why? Why not?

Spanish Centenarians’ Tips for a Long Life

© Maj Borg, Minttu Mäntynen, Andrea Miconi / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-1.0

© Maj Borg, Minttu Mäntynen, Andrea Miconi / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-1.0

Everyone would like to know the secret of long life and a healthy body. Why not learn from those who are Centarians who lived for 100 years?

Read more from the article and start a discussion about it.

Tips from Spain’s centenarians on how to live to 100


1. What is the most important part of life in a Spanish society?
2.  Do you think that people can still keep their traditions in the modern world? Why or why not?
3. What tips did the elderly Spanish people offer to those wishing to live long lives?
4. Do you agree that elderly people are wiser than younger ones? Why or why not?
5. How old is the oldest person that you have ever met? How would you describe him/her?
6.  What is your opinion about the YOLO (You only live once) mentality? What are its advantages and setbacks?

Music Makes Us Happy

A2 – Elementary

A brain chemical called ‘dopamine’ is said to be released when we listen to music, eat, and do other rewarding activities.

Read on to know how exactly music affect our mood.


Discussion Questions:

1. Does music make you feel good?
2. What kind of music gives you the chills?
3. What other things make you feel good?

Bilingual Brain

B2 – Upper intermediate

There are advantages of knowing two languages. There may be some disadvantages to this skill as well. Watch the video to find out.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is a bilingual brain different from a monolingual brain?
2. Are there any disadvantages to knowing two languages?
3. Do you think everyone in the future will be bilingual or even multilingual?

Banning Smartphones for Children Under 13


© User: 3dman_eu / pixabay / CC0

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Kids born on the late 1990’s and early 2000’s are born in the digital age. There are some kids aged 2 years old who know how to open a phone and play some apps. Kids learn very fast but are it beneficial for them to start using cell phones at a young age?

Let us read the article below first and answer the following questions.

Colorado Considering Banning Smartphones for Children Under 13


1. What do you think about the proposal?
2. Why do you think the proposal only targets phones with internet access?
3. What “mental effects” might constant smartphone use have on children?
4. Would you agree that a child’s smartphone usage is a “family matter?” Why? Why not?
5. Do you agree that children under the age of 6 should only watch an hour of videos a day? Why? Why not?
6. Do you think that the children of today will be completely dependent on digital devices by the time they grow up? Why? Why not?

The Impossible Burger

B2 – Upper Intermediate

A Silicon Valley start-up Impossible Foods make burgers entirely from plants. The burger is made from all natural ingredient and a special ingredient called heme. Heme makes the meat smell, sizzle, bleed, and taste gloriously meaty.

A butcher, a cardiologist, a vegan and a technology reporter put the burger to a test. Let’s find out what they think of it:


Discussion Questions:

1. How did the people in the video react?
2. What do you think of the Impossible Burger? What makes it special?
3. How much do you like burgers? Would you try this burger?


Pakistani Farmers Get Tips via Text

Farmers are now getting tips via text messages in Pakistan  making sure they get access to information in the quickest time possible for their irrigation needs.

Click on the article

1.How does this new program help the farmers?

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the said program?

3.Should farmers rely on this technology?




Boy Beats Disability

B1 – Intermediate

Everyday, thousands of people with disabilities are challenged. Disability need not be an obstacle for this boy to succeed.

Read the transcript and/or watch the video to find out more about an incredible 10-year old boy who faced up to challenges of being disabled.

Discussion Questions:
1. What kinds of disability do you know of?

2. What kinds of discrimination do people with disabilities face?

3. What can you do to help handicapped people?

4. Does your country have special training facilities for handicapped people?

5. Can a physical disability prevent a person from succeeding?

No Wi-Fi, No Internet, No Problem

Have you ever imagined a world without internet? Can you live or work in such an environment? Well, there’s a place in US where they don’t have any wifi or even an internet connection.

Let’s read more about the lifestyle of the people living in this place and start a discussion.

No Wi-Fi, No Internet, No Problem


1. How would you feel about living in a town with no internet service? Why?
2. What do you imagine the residents of Green Bank are like? Why?
3. Do you think it would be difficult for Green Bank residents to stay informed? Why? Why not?
4. How do you think the priorities of people living with and without the internet differ?
5. Are there any populated areas in your country with no internet access?

Ways the Rich Signal Their Wealth

C1 – Advanced

Long time ago, corsets and silver spoons symbolized high social position. In the modern times, more middle-class people can go on fancy vacations and afford luxury bags too. The challenge for the super rich is to look for ways to set them apart in terms of their elite social status.

Read this article to find out how the elites mark their social position.

Discussion Questions:

1. According to this article, how are the rich establishing their status now?
2. What are your thoughts on conspicuous and inconspicuous consumption?
3. Why do you think the super rich are spending less on material goods and the middle-income groups are going on the opposite direction?