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Interesting Facts about Spanish Culture

B1 – Intermediate

Spain has a lot to offer any sort of traveler. Spanish culture is just as fascinating as the nation’s coastlines and museums, and probably much more nuanced! Even if you spent years in Spain you most likely wouldn’t be able to uncover every aspect of the country’s vibrant traditions, but that doesn’t mean you won’t try, right?

Let’s check a few interesting facts about Spain and the Spanish way of life.



Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think is interesting about your culture?

2. What don’t you like about your culture?

3. When people from other countries think about your culture, what do they usually think of?

Untrue Myths

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Myth, in everyday language, means a fiction or a fabrication. A few or even most of them are total lies. But admit it or not, they can sometimes have a compelling influence on us and a society as a whole.

The article below tries to explain why it is time to put an end to the most alluring everyday myths, mistaken beliefs, and exaggerations passed down from generation to generation.

https://thoughtcatalog.com/nico-lang/2013/09/13- everyday-myths-you-wont-believe-arent-true/

Discussion questions:

1. Which of these myths did you use to believe or do you still believe now?

2. How do you think these myths started?

3. Can you think of an everyday myth that turns out to be real?

4. Do you know if any of these 13 myths can more likely be real?

5. Think of another example of an everyday myth that is not really true.

The Lost Meaning of Halloween

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Halloween may not exactly be a major holiday, like Christmas and New Year. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most enjoyable events for a lot of us. But other than the fun of trick-or-treating and wearing ‘spooktacular‘ costumes, what is  the real meaning of Halloween? Is it a celebration of evil?


Discussion Questions:

1. Have you experienced trick-or-treating, attending parties, or wearing costumes during Halloween?

2. Why do you think Halloween is connected with satanism or deviltry?

3. What is the essence of Halloween for you?

4. Have you had any ghost or eerie experience? If not, do you believe in ghosts?

Spanish ‘Smart’ City Project Saves Time, Money

B2 – Upper Intermediate

With the fast advent of technology, it had helped our lives in a tremendous way. But, have you ever heard of the word “Smart City” before?  A city that uses technology to help locals live conveniently and comfortably like finding a parking space or even checks your favorite store is open.

Read the article and learn more about how Santander aims to be a smart city.

Spanish ‘Smart’ City Project Saves Time, Money


1. How can drivers in Santander find out where they can find available parking spots?
2. What made all these innovations possible?
3. What do you think about the technological innovations in Santander?
4. Do you know of any other “smart” cities in the world?
5. What do you think big cities will look like in 100 years?
6. How do you think public transportation will change in the future?

Theater in the Age of Shakespeare

B1 – Intermediate

The theater has always been a great source of entertainment, amusing people for centuries. Originally began to tell stories to those who cannot read and write; the curtains opened up to showcase more than just a story. It also conveyed feelings, and information that can greatly influence the minds of its viewers.


Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever seen a play before?
2. Describe the theater in the time of Shakespeare. How is it different from the theater today?
3. How did the government receive the theater in Shakespeare’s time?
4. Describe the lives of actors in the time of Shakespeare.
5. How can the theater influence its audience?

Holidays Around the World

B1 – Intermediate

Holidays are not just a time to stay at home or do some outdoor activities. Most of the holidays that are celebrated have historical and religious significance.

Read the list of holidays celebrated in other countries and share your own.

Holidays: A Sampler From Around the World


1. What holidays do you enjoy celebrating?
2. Are there holidays in other countries that you wish were also celebrated in your country?
3. What are the holidays in your country that allow people to not go to work?
4. On certain holidays, do you prefer to just stay at home? Or do you enjoy going out of town?

Running Away to Escape a Marriage


B2 – Upper intermediate

It is unfortunate, to most, that the practice of arranged marriages is still alive in some traditions. Certain Indian communities are strongly practicing it, even if the child is firmly against it.

Read the article below to know the story of one Indian girl who escaped her arranged marriage but had to face the consequences.

Jasvinder Sanghera: I ran away to escape a forced marriage


1. Re-tell the story of Jasvinder Sanghera. How was she able to escape?
2. According to the article, why did Jasvinder dislike being in an arranged marriage? What were the struggles she had to endure?
3. The Chinese also practice arranged marriages. How do you view this custom?
4. Discuss other traditions that you think should be discontinued.

Japan’s Legendary Female Divers


C1 – Advanced

The Japanese are renowned for keeping most of their traditions alive. “Ama” divers is one of them. Read the article below to know what and who “ama” divers are and be ready to answer some discussion questions.

On the job with Japan’s legendary female ama divers


1. What kind of diving do the “ama” divers do?
2. In your country, what industries were thriving in the past but are now declining?
3. What are some traditions that your country has strongly carried through the years (food,feast, etc.)
4. What are some of the small towns in your country that local and foreign tourists like to visit because of it history and heritage?

The Culture Shock of an International Student


B2 – Upper intermediate

Culture shock is defined as feeling confused and anxious when you visit another country or city. It happens to everyone, even to young students who are more flexible and adaptable to a new environment.

Read the article below to know about the experience of one international student.

I wasn’t prepared for the culture shock of being an international student


1. Have you experienced culture shock before? How did you cope with that?
2. Share an experience you had in another country.
3. What are the things that matched with your expectations before coming to a country and what things didn’t match?

Stereotypes About The Spanish That Are True


B2 – Upper intermediate

Stereotypes are nothing new. We all have fixed ideas of different cultures. Fortunately, most of them aren’t true. The article below shows an interesting view of Spanish stereotypes that are interestingly true.

Read the different points and be ready to express your points about them.

12 Stereotypes About The Spanish That Are DEFINITELY True


1. What was your initial reaction when you read the title?
2. Which of the stereotypes mentioned in the article do you think are true?
3. What other Spanish stereotypes do you know of that were not mentioned?
4. Share some of the stereotypes that you have of other culture.