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Can heat acclimation improve athletes’ performance?

C1 – Advanced

Pre-cooling is known to be a method that helps people cope with exercising despite high temperatures. However, heat acclimation by soaking in long, hot baths to prepare for athletic competitions is said to be more effective than the former. Furthermore, it makes people immune to heat-related illnesses like nausea and heat stroke.

Hot Weather Workout? Try a Hot Bath Beforehand


1. What particular sports are you into?
2. Does high temperature somehow affect your workout routine?
3. In your country, do athletes practice pre-cooling or heat acclimation? How?
4. When the athletes of your country have to compete in events held in hot countries like those in the Middle East, how do they prepare for that?
5. In your opinion, how important is it to acclimatize to certain conditions?


acclimatize – (verb) to (cause to) change to suit different conditions of life, weather, etc.

beforehand – (adverb) earlier (than a particular time); in advance

nausea – (noun) a feeling of illness in the stomach that makes you think you are going to vomit

grueling – (adjective) extremely tiring and difficult, and demanding great effort and determination