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Fighting Hunger in the UK

Learn these expressions:

*hard up
*zero-hours contracts
*open door

A food bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that give out food to those who have no means to buy them to prevent people from imminent hunger.

In the United Kingdom, many people lack the capacity to purchase food for various reasons. Hence, they come to these food banks for free food.

Read on and listen to this BBC 6 Minute English episode and know more about feeding Britain’s poorest.


Ponder on these:

> What are some of the reasons people resort to getting their daily meals at food banks?
> How do food banks work?
> Aside from getting food what are other benefits from going to food banks?
> What do you think about “open door” access?
> What are your thoughts on this: “Food bank users suffer more from shame than from hunger.”
> Talk about food banks or similar organizations in your country.
> How else can we help fight hunger?