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The Lost Meaning of Halloween

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Halloween may not exactly be a major holiday, like Christmas and New Year. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most enjoyable events for a lot of us. But other than the fun of trick-or-treating and wearing ‘spooktacular‘ costumes, what is  the real meaning of Halloween? Is it a celebration of evil?


Discussion Questions:

1. Have you experienced trick-or-treating, attending parties, or wearing costumes during Halloween?

2. Why do you think Halloween is connected with satanism or deviltry?

3. What is the essence of Halloween for you?

4. Have you had any ghost or eerie experience? If not, do you believe in ghosts?

Woman on a Holiday Jet

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Karon Grieve, a novelist, booked a flight from Glasgow to Crete for only £46. There was something unusual about this flight.

Find out about this woman’s unique flight experience.


Discussion Questions:

1. What can you say about Grieve’s experience?
2. What are the good and bad things about air travels?
3. Talk about your best and worst flight experiences.
4. What suggestions do you want to give airlines about their services?
5. What is your airline of choice and why?

Holidays Around the World

B1 – Intermediate

Holidays are not just a time to stay at home or do some outdoor activities. Most of the holidays that are celebrated have historical and religious significance.

Read the list of holidays celebrated in other countries and share your own.

Holidays: A Sampler From Around the World


1. What holidays do you enjoy celebrating?
2. Are there holidays in other countries that you wish were also celebrated in your country?
3. What are the holidays in your country that allow people to not go to work?
4. On certain holidays, do you prefer to just stay at home? Or do you enjoy going out of town?