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Live in this Italian Village and Receive Money

© via Daily Mail UK

B2 – Upper Intermediate

How would you like to move to a picturesque town with only 394 inhabitants, rents for as low as €50 a month, and an incentive of €2,000 for relocating there?

The city government in a little Italian village offers all these things to address a problem their town is facing.


Let’s talk:
1. What’s the problem in this village and what is the solution to it?
2. Do you have the same problem in your country?
3. What are the reasons you would move or not relocate to this town?

Housing in Spain and Poverty

B1 – Intermediate

Housing generally refers to the social problem of ensuring that members of society have a home in which they can live in, whether this is a house, or some other kinds of dwelling, lodging, or shelter.

Watch the video below about housing in Spain and its connection to poverty.

Let’s talk:

1.Do you agree with the woman in the video?

2. Do you know anything about your government’s housing policy?

3. Does your government provide housing for people on low or no income?

4. Is it easy to find good quality housing in your town?

5.How can housing be made affordable for everyone?

6. What issues will arise with housing of the future?