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A Day Without Internet

B2 – Upper Intermediate

We are living an “always-connected lifestyle”. This means that we are constantly connected to the internet. With this level of dependency, try to imagine a day without it.

Read the article and find out what it would be like if the internet would be shut down for one day.


Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think would happen if the internet stopped for a day? According to the article, what would happen if the internet stopped for a day?
2. How much do you use the internet?
3. What uses do you have for it?
4. What may be the advantages and disadvantages of a “kill switch”?
5. What do you do alternatively when you’re not online?

Internet Addiction Sign of Mental Health Problems

B1 – Intermediate

The Internet is like any other tool that can be useful or harmful. Many young people, including adults, find themselves addicted to the Internet.  What is an Internet addiction?  Can it really cause mental health problems?

Read the article below then express your thoughts.

Internet addiction sign of mental health problems


1. What do you think of Internet addiction? Do you think it is possible to be addicted to the Internet?
2. Can Internet addiction lead to more serious mental health problems?
3. Do you rely on the Internet for work? Are you able to “switch-off” or stay away from the Internet?
4. Discuss the following issues related to the Internet:
Identity theft
Online gambling

Tech Support Scams on the Rise

B2 – Upper intermediate

Nowadays, we seem to rely highly on technology to go about our daily lives. Because of this, there are some people who take advantage of this to dupe people. How dependent are you on technology?

Read the article below to learn of the new threat where technology is involved.

Tech support scams on the rise


1. What do you think about what you read?
2. How worried are you about Internet security?
3. What do you do to keep your computer safe? What risks are there of being online?
4. Who do you think are most at risk from scams like this?

Social Hermits

B2 – Upper intermediate

Social Media  has definitely changed our society.  Now, we can easily get information on what’s going on with people from other countries.  We can get connected with our friends or relatives living miles away.

But because of  the usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness of social media, people are becoming too connected and dependent on it. Is social media really helping us become  more connected with others?

Social Hermits

Discuss: (from article)

1. Have you (or do you) use social networking sites? Talk about the pluses and minuses.
2. Are people better or worse communicators because of social network sites?
3. What is a social hermit? What images or ideas does this phrase raise?
4. How might social networking sites be used for business or education?


Compulsive Internet Disorder

B2 – Upper intermediate

Is the Internet killing us?

Click on the title to read more of the disorder that is directly related to using the Internet. Be prepared to answer the speaking activities.

Compulsive Internet Disorder

Discuss: (from the article)

1. How many hours per day do you use the Internet?
2. Is Internet addiction a real illness that doctors and insurance companies should recognize?
3. Could you go without a computer or the Internet for one week? one month? one year?
4. At which point does the Internet become an addiction rather than a useful tool?
5. What is the most useful invention of the last thirty years? How about the most dangerous?

A Tool to Rid Internet of Child Porn


B2 – Upper intermediate

How safe are you and your children when using the Internet?
Read the article and get to know the software PhotoDNA.

Microsoft launches tool to rid Internet of child porn


1. Is internet safety something that you are concerned about?
2. What do you think is the role of the parents when it comes to children and their Internet usage?

China Blocks YouTube

B1 – Intermediate

These days, it is easy to get and share information from different parts of the world. The Internet made this possible. However, in China, the Internet is highly controlled by the government.

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts about China and how they control the Internet.

China Blocks YouTube


1. Do you think what China is doing is a good idea?
2. What do you think will happen if Spain decides to control the Internet?
3. How often do you use the Internet?
4. What social media sites do you like to visit?

How Misbehaving Made One Man a Multimillionaire


C1 – Advanced

Jack Cator was your normal teenage school boy; defying and challenging the rules. But what he got out of that persistent attitude was quite extraordinary.

Read the article below to know more about Jack and his business and its humble begginings.

How misbehaving at school made one man a multimillionaire


1. In your own words, explain how Jack was able to come up with his business.
2. What do you know about VPNs? Is this something you use?
3. Have you experienced doing business remotely with people you’ve never met before? Describe that experience.


Speaking Activity: Social Media & Privacy


B2 – Upper intermediate

Many people increasingly utilize social Networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. These networks allow users to publish details about themselves and their lives and also connect to their friends and colleagues. However some of the information revealed in these networks should remain private and not published at all.

Click the title below to practice your speaking skills and talk about using social media. Be ready to discuss new phrases and to answer discussion questions.

Topic: Social Media & Privacy


Do We Need New Internet?


B2 – Upper intermediate

Some internet experts are saying that the worldwide web has become unsafe that the best thing to do is to start all over.

Read the article below and share your thoughts about Internet safety.

Do We Need a New Internet?


1. How useful is the Internet to you?
2. How common is Internet fraud in your country?
3. Do you think it is possible to start from square one as the article suggests?