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Video: Kenya’s Catchy Pop Hit

B2 – Upper intermediate

If you’re into music then you’ll find this story interesting. The video below is good practice for your listening skills. Feel free to watch it more than once. The text below the video will give you extra details about the short story.

Kenya’s catchy pop hit that took the world by storm


1. How did the song “Jambo Bwana” come to life? What was its inspiration?
2. What did you think of the tune or the melody of the pop song?
3. What are some of the local songs in your country that are considered a classic and are still played on the radio?
4. What are some of your preferences when it comes to music?

Pop Music Can Be Good for You


C1 – Advanced

At one point in our lives we’ve been guilty of liking a song that was just too mainstream pop. We’ve secretly danced to Backstreet Boys and sang along to Britney Spears.

Watch the the video then read the article to get an understanding of the psychology behind music.

Newsbeat explains: Why ‘bad’ pop music can be good for you


1. What kind of music do you secretly enjoy listening to?
2. According to Dr. Williamson, what are the factors that shape our taste in music? Can you add to the doctor’s answers?
3. What is meant by nostalgia? How does it relate to a person’s music choices?

South Korean Government Made K-Pop


C2 – Proficient

K-pop or Korean pop music is big in Asia and is now spreading to some European countries. But, in South Korea, K-pop is more than just music. Read the article below and discover how the government of South Korea treats their music industry.

This resource includes an audio clip so feel free to listen to the audio as well.

How The South Korean Government Made K-Pop A Thing


1. Are you familiar with K-pop? Describe the music industry in your country.
2. Who are some of the very famous musicians in your country? Talk about your preferences in music.
3. Talk about some of the industries in your country that are doing very well or are being taken care of by the government.